Tyrant team Manchester City UEFA Champions League severe penalties apply restrictive in big trouble

soccer transfer newsChutianjinbao hearing yesterday, UEFA’s official website posted news headlines, including Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, including seven UEFA club for breach of the principle of equity finance will be punished, in addition to fines, but also next season There are limitations in the Champions League as well as the transfer of the registration of the net amount of expenditure, which is undoubtedly ambitious Manchester City is a huge blow. In addition there are several clubs punished Russian super giants Zenit, Rubin Kazan and Anzhi, Galatasaray of Turkey, Bursaspor, Trabzonspor and Bulgaria 索菲亚列夫 Sharansky. Manchester mistaken attitude good penalty reduction as a new division Premiership champions Manchester City in the past two seasons with losses of up to £ 149 million, £ 350 million for another 10 years to sponsor them and Al Ittihad Airlines signed, but also because of the New Deal in the UEFA financial provisions shall not transactions between the company owned the same owner and were investigating. After the results came out the punishment, the first time the initiative to contact the Manchester City UEFA, expressed recognized fine. The mistaken view of a good attitude, UEFA finally decided to fine reduced from 48.8 million pounds to 16.2 million pounds, but the premise is the club to reach several requirements: First, to reduce the number of applicants for the Champions League 21; second, this summer net expenditure can not be more than 48 .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League liverpool jersey gerrard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news..8 million pounds; third, the team’s salary expenditures can not rise; fourth, this year’s deficit ceiling set at £ 16 million, next year is £ 8,000,000. Champions League registration is limited due to a lot more trouble this season, Manchester City a few good results, so fine the club for the rich and powerful impact is not great. Manchester City’s financial sector has been a professional estimates, along with the team’s performance continues to improve, the club’s fiscal deficit situation will be resolved. Another team is now more complete lineup, 48.8 million pounds of net transfer spending is still reasonable. In fact, the biggest sign of trouble or the Champions League 21 restrictions that UEFA never make concessions. Because according to the provisions of the Champions League registration, in the list of 21 people, should have at least 8 of the National Youth academy players, which should be at least four of the club culture. While 8 people found this difficult, but how many have the strength to exclude foreign aid, which the coach Manuel Pellegrini is a great test, the slightest mistake could lead to the locker room conflicts, and the team Champions League results are bound to be affected. (Jianwu)