Manchester rivals already riding holiday Soviet fear of God Golden Boot lock missed the championship

soccer transfer newsSuarez basic lock the Golden Boot, but is likely to miss the Champions League. Manchester City only one step away from the championship. Premier League for one season, the competition will adjourned this week, Manchester City and Liverpool last time the championship is still a surprise finale of this screen drama. Premiership ending war is brutal scene performances, or kill hope, or taking the suspense, the last one is the absolute “knockout”, a battle decided the winner takes all. Champion: Manchester rivals are on holiday from reality perspective, Liverpool have not much hope that we can win the championship, but they still might win “theory” on. The last round of the league, Manchester rivals West Ham, Liverpool, Newcastle opponent is. Manchester City is currently in the standings ahead of Liverpool two points, more 13 goal difference. What does that mean? Liverpool’s win means that unless Newcastle, Manchester City lost to West Ham, Liverpool, otherwise there is no opportunity to champion. If Manchester City draw at West Ham it? That Liverpool will need to win at least 13 balls Newcastle. Given the recent momentum Manchester City, as well as 16 wins this season, 18 at home to get the 1 loss results, hoping that they lost at home to West Ham and not realistic. Moreover, West Ham have been ahead of relegation, this may decide the championship team recently put even four days off until Friday before resuming training. Despite last week’s victory over Tottenham, but the team did not train for four consecutive days, and the seeding of mind, so that people worry about how much they left during combat Al Ittihad Stadium against Manchester City. But even if the “Hammers” seriously preparing for what? West Ham face Manchester City this season, can be “defeated” to describe – they first met in the league at home to a 3 loss to Manchester City in the League Cup semi-final against Manchester City two rounds, losing 3-0 at home, away defeated 0 7-6, three games of the season against Manchester City lost 12 balls, count on them to help Liverpool win, it is a bit reluctantly. Basically just a minute Manchester City can win the championship, the final round will be able to field his strongest team, Aguero’s comeback will be an important bargaining chip to win them .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League soccer jersey 2010 world cup blue 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. This championship has another surprise – in the weeks after the four-ball beat Aston Villa, Manchester City has scored 154 goals in all competitions this season, in which the league scored 100 goals, which is the history of the Premiership Second there is the first single-season team scored more than 100 goals, Chelsea, Manchester City away from the 2009 to 2010 season, creating 103 goals shy of 3 goals, the final round of the league, they have the opportunity to break Chelsea’s record. Relegation: Norwich basic “Farewell” tragic fate of Norwich will be at home against Arsenal in the final round, while their relegation rivals West Bromwich Albion is against Stoke City. West Brom Norwich ahead 3 points, while leading 17 goal difference, even if the final round of the West Brom lose, Norwich win, if you can not, then pocketed the goal difference, Norwich also will be out of the game – to earn Arsenal on goal difference in the body, Norwich is probably not count on it, they most likely downgrade with Fulham and Cardiff City. The reason for the tragic fate of relegation Norwich as a surprise in the final round, mainly because there are still a lot of Arsenal fans watching the game, which the team called a season of frustration at another branch frustrated team doubly showdown. Golden Boot: Su God challenges in the current record of 31 goals in the Premier League’s top scorer, with 31 goals Suarez data ahead of his team-mate Daniel Sturridge Liverpool and Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure with 20 goals The data reside behind. Finally, a scorer who can focus clearly not catch Suarez, but Suarez and “senior” competition. This season, “Su God” 31 Premiership goals have tied the restructuring (20 teams 38 game system) since Hiller and C Lo 31 goals record keeping. In the final round, the state fiery Suarez is likely to continue to score, breaking the scoring record.