Toure to play for the big Paris is currently focused on the World Cup glory

soccer news uk“Post”: Toure said the effect can be very honored to Paris recently, Yaya Toure became the focus of British football, with the help Manchester City win the Premier League title, the Blue Moon and down very happy, the only depressed The Ivory Coast is a star, because the club and his teammates for his birthday indifference, Yaya Toure are injured, then came to leave Manchester City this summer, the news, and even though there have been news broke, the Ivorian midfielder to return to former team Barcelona, ​​at the pay cut to join .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League chelsea shirt 17 hazard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. May 27, the British media, “Daily Mail” reported that Yaya Toure is also likely to join Paris Saint-Germain, the Ivorian star recently said in an interview that he intends to introduce him to Paris Saint-Germain are proud that he is able to France A wealthy play is an honor. “I think that when you become the target of Paris Saint-Germain, how would this club you are not interested in it?” Yaya Toure accept “France Football” interview, said, “Paris Saint-Germain has become Europe’s top teams, If one day I can play for them, it would be an honor. “When asked again whether to continue next season wearing the shirt of Manchester City, Yaya Toure for confirmation, said that the news is gossip, everything has passed, the current focus is the World Cup. “This is a very good question, I tell the truth, that several are rumors, everything is gone, as a player, you need to always remain calm. Not only that, in fact, love you and love you Fans also like to know the answer. “Manchester City star Yaya Toure continued,” but for me, I came to Qatar the main purpose is to recuperate, after adjustment to prepare for the World Cup World Cup, I would say those things yourself, Media reports too many things, as a player, in the face of these difficult. World Cup is very important for my country, I need to put their emphasis on this point. “Over the past season, the tournament representative Yaya Toure Manchester City played 49 times, scoring 24 goals, including the Premier League and scored 20 goals, ranked third scorer, is the history of the Blue Moon won the second biggest player in the Premier League champions, Manchester City are looking forward to the Ivorian national superstar able to put good competitive state to the national team, helping the team to achieve good results in the World Cup. So far, representatives of the Ivorian Yaya Toure played 82 times, scoring 16 goals, he followed the team participated in the 2006 and 2010 World Cups, but failed to win the group, the group stage in 2014 to become the Ivorian lowest World Cup in Brazil the goal. Yaya Toure is currently sidelined with injuries in Doha, Qatar, will be held on Thursday to the United States with the Ivorian national team training base rendezvous; Côte d’Ivoire will play a warm-up match with Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 30, June 4 and then blows and El Salvador, two days after the Ivorian team arrived in Brazil. June 15, 2014 will usher in Côte d’Ivoire, Brazil World Cup opener, with the group stage opponents Sike Japan, the other two opponents are Colombia and Greece. (Xix) Related News: Adebayor: Toure always wanted to be heroes Ivorian difficult Breakthrough · Cry! Small Toure injured hospitalized leave the World Cup without problems · Western media exposure Barcelona refused to repurchase Tulei Mu Shuai want lots of money to buy Manchester City MVP · Chelsea officially announced the signing Luis leave 50 million for four years in Paris