Aguero Messi can help Argentina win we fear any opponent

soccer transfer newsAguero: Messi can help Argentina wins the World Cup Aguero and Messi is Argentina’s two killing device, the Brazil World Cup, the two of them will decide Argentina’s performance results. May 26, Aguero, said in an interview, Messi is the best player in football today, he was able to lead Argentina to win. Meanwhile, Aguero also said that Argentina can beat any enemy. With the help Manchester City win the Premier League title after Aguero had a great season. Given that he’s in good shape, he became the top scorer bullish opinion on the World Cup, for which Aguero said: “Yes, I feel the state is very good, I played the last game in the Premier League and helped Manchester City won. the desire of the Premier League title. Now I’ve eyeing the World Cup, played in the World Cup in Brazil will certainly be a great moment. “This season, Aguero for Manchester City played 34 times, scoring 28 goals, the performance is very good. Therefore, he has confidence in the World Cup has kicked out a good performance. When asked about the team can win the World Cup in Argentina, Aguero said: “Yes, why do not we have Messi, he is the best player on the planet, he can play the role of leaders around us?. we can qualify from the most difficult in the South American qualifiers, there is nothing impossible. In addition, we have other good players, such as striker Ravitch, of course, I will try to score more ball. We also have excellent midfielders to support us, so we have the strength to beat any team. “Argentina with Bosnia, Iran, Nigeria, points in the same group, Argentina sign outside world that good luck. But Aguero has to remind his teammates not to the effect, he said: “Our group has Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria, Africa champion Nigeria, and Iran has been able to play good football, although the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the new World Cup. But they also have a great history of football .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League soccer jersey 2010 world cup blue 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Therefore, this is not an easy team. “(jiuxi)