History of the chaotic ending Manchester City win the Premier League club West Ham eligible for a.

soccer news 2015Last night 22: 00,2013 / 14 season in the Premiership final round of 10 games at the same time kick-off, fighting at home to Manchester City will firmly grasp fate in their own hands, easily won 2-0 at West Ham after clinch Premiership club history second trophy after a 2-1 victory over Liverpool Newcastle to two points runner-up, Chelsea win 2-1 Cardiff City to ensure the identity of the third qualification for next season’s Champions League race, Arsenal in fourth place, while defending champion Manchester United final column only seventh, missed the war in Europe next season. Blue Moon does not play to win thrilling final round of the Premier League two years ago, Manchester City at home with two goals in stoppage time Rangers ahead 3-2, the final pressure over Manchester United on goal difference, miraculously win in team history The first Premier League trophy. Now Manchester City to win to retain the basic lineup of the year, and invited the Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini engineer team. But to win the journey, the blue moon is just the top of the standings stayed 14 days, far better than Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, but once destiny in their own hands, when Manchester City did not play like a heartbeat two years ago. The only regret is that although the team scored 38 goals to reach 102, but failed to break Chelsea’s Premier League record of 103 goals. Liverpool lost the crown in tears just two weeks ago, the Premier League title still firmly occupy the initiative in the hands of Liverpool. But since a gaming company will have bad luck this season, the former Manchester United manager David Moyes downright statue placed outside Anfield, the Reds as possessed a general one wins and 1 level, first Gerrard led the team lost accidentally slips to Chelsea, then was promoted Crystal Palace 3-0 draw, while round home to Newcastle defender Skrtel fourth time this season, staged oolong, broke his predecessor Carragher create single-season Oolong record. It’s not finished, before the plane flew over Anfield, hanging signs that read, “United 20, Gerald 0”, ironic contrast winning number is also deeply hurt the hearts of fans of the Red Army. Finally, although the reversal of a Liverpool win, but still with two point behind Manchester City, did not win is still quite a pity .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. The craziest unparalleled in the history of the Premier League this season, Ferguson’s retirement opened the prelude to the Premiership in troubled times, even though the final round placid, but review the entire season, can be described as crazy. Over nine months time, the position of Premier League leaders had a remarkable total of 25 hands, the longest lead Arsenal title hopes lost early, get seven wins and a draw against Chelsea, but the other four giants in early fall before the start of the final round. And Moyes era of Manchester United in the first game two days later there was a leader in the history of the war in Europe did not even qualify now Laozhuo, also hit a bunch of embarrassing history, it would be a big phenomenon of the season .