Manchester City UEFA officials fined now reverse the tragic death of suspended sentence

soccer news 2015UEFA officials suspended the death penalty for Manchester City Manchester City UEFA financial fair policy violation penalty resolution occurred Thursday night in a tragic turn, aged 73 UEFA investigation team leader Dehaene unfortunate death penalty resolution therefore forced to postpone. Because many European clubs in the transfer market in violation of fair fiscal policy issued by UEFA, 73-year-old Dehaene was appointed as a member of UEFA’s investigation team leader, the team responsible for fines and other related matters. Faced with a serious loss of Manchester City last season, he made 50 million to Manchester City fines and reduction of fines teams. Although Manchester City have been high-level consultations with UEFA, but because of all of the resolutions to be signed Dehaene and audit, and thus can only postpone the penalty. Scheduled for Manchester City, Paris and other big teams are ruling postponed because of his sudden death. Manchester City has refused to ignore the requirements of a fine, trying to sports arbitration committee protested. Manchester City reject ticket reason is very simple, because they believed their own degree of non-compliance with the French champions are not the same, but one way to solve that is to seek help from the Sports Arbitration Committee. With Dehaene’s death, perhaps Manchester City could escaped .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League air max 90 fashionable flower uk 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. According to the “Daily Mail” reported on Toure said they want to speak personally transfer rumors are not groundless in social networking sites, he said, “My agent said is true, I will openly talk after the World Cup This thing “to make Yaya – Toure trouble leaving the team because of his 31-year-old birthday party just in time for the team to win, but everyone simply to celebrate the win, there is no one to wish him a happy birthday, Ivorians thus chilling, feel that they are not taken seriously in the team. Yaya – Toure’s agent Dimitri – Se Luke said: “Yaya this summer, leaving the team a great possibility that he was very disappointed in what happened on the day of his birthday club to prove that no one cared about him, and this is. The evidence they can just say, & lsquo; Oh, we like Yaya, we just forgot;. forget Wangleshishui help them help Wangleshishui won two Premier League titles they won the FA Cup and League Cup??? “Se Luke continued to complain, said:” In a normal team, his teammates and the club at least will bless him, but when you win because two days after partying forget Yaya’s birthday, which is how people think ? If Yaya went to Liverpool to help them after a lapse of 24 years after winning the league title, then Yaya in Liverpool is God. But Manchester City, Yaya not a hero, he is nothing, this is the club to his feelings. He was very disappointed, and began to consider leaving the team if things continue, he really will go “Related Reading: Glass heart! Manchester dark and hard to leave downtown because no one actually wish a happy birthday · Premier League this season 10 Midfielders: Toure into midfield nova king shine · blue carnival! Manchester City fans march turned Hey stars are worshiped