Manchester City 4-0 Aston Villa integration is expected to win over Liverpool

soccer news 2015May 8 morning, Manchester City victory over Aston Villa in the Premier League, with two-point advantage over Liverpool on board the championship. League left the last one, Manchester City just need to get a minute, we can get the Premier League title this season. Liverpool lost two days ago in the three-goal lead in the case of a good Board, was 3:3 draw with Crystal Palace, the hand three minutes into a 1 minute. When Suarez at Selhurst Park Stadium, shed tears at that moment, the Liverpool players probably already know, they lost the last hope, this season’s Premiership champions Manchester City in all likelihood going to belong. Sure, Manchester City did not let the fans down, after a dull first half, after “God Tower” Dzeko broke out in the second half of his two golden goal broke the Aston Villa metal matrix, 4-0 final victory over rivals Manchester City! Of course, in theory, the Premier League championship this season, there are still a hint of suspense, that is, is still unable to determine the City will win 100%, the suspense will undoubtedly stay until May 11 in the evening all cruised to the final round of Premier League after that. So, we have to analyze the situation under the last: there are still theoretically title hopes of the team only had two teams Manchester City and Liverpool, Manchester City accumulated 83 points to finish first, Liverpool with 81 points in second place, while in the margin on the ball, leading Liverpool Manchester City 13, so to say, the last round at home against West Ham Manchester City, just want to make the flat to get 1 point, you can get the Premier League title this season. Anyway, the Premier League Manchester City will create a new era. This season the three giants Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea have gone through a coaching change, even a change Arsenal also sell traditional core of players, spent heavily to sign Ozil, plus the sudden emergence of Liverpool, the Premiership this season pattern can use the “dazzling” to describe. Manchester City, with its strong financial strength, and soon back on track and lead the Premier League. La Liga champions Real Madrid almost farewell, Barcelona lived with Real Valladolid before the rescheduled race, Ancelotti said: “This is a crucial game, because we know that if we can not win, we League out of the game. “What are they afraid of what would come, Osorio in the game the first 86 minutes headed home to help Valladolid equalized three minutes Galacticos hand into a 1 minute. Now the league after 36 games, Real Madrid plot 84 points, only four points behind leaders Atletico from Ming Basa also have a second point gap. Two rounds left in the Spanish league, Real Madrid La Liga title is almost impossible to obtain, there is only theoretically possible to win. Spanish media, “Marca” play “Real Madrid bid farewell to the league, Barcelona lived! “The title, the Catalan media,” the daily sports newspaper “also played” Barcelona can decide their own destiny it! “In the title. Draw with Real Madrid, Barcelona has become the biggest beneficiary, they do not need to see the other teams face, red and blue army requires only two-game winning streak, they can be at home won the league championship. After a draw away to Real Madrid suffered a vice captain Ramos said: “We let a chance slip away only the final stage, we have done so much effort to make a mistake before, and now two games left, it seems. already is impossible to win. “Real Madrid title hopes are very slim, Real Madrid two games left, away to play Celta, Espanyol play at home, Real Madrid have won two straight, could have won, but also Atletico Madrid with Barcelona expect mistakes. If Real Madrid won two straight, Galacticos had hopes that the two-game losing streak or Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid 1 loss, but this is in Barcelona failed to get two wins under the premise, it is almost impossible to achieve thing. Finally, even if the outcome of Atletico Lianglian Ping, and on the relationship between the outcome, but also the ability to pressure Atletico Madrid .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man city jersey 16 aguero 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Now the top three in La Liga, Atletico won the best hope, sheets Legion just need to get four points, we can win the league. If Atletico Lianglian Ping, points up to 90 points, even if Barca get a win a level of performance, still 89 points to 90 points lost to Atletico Madrid. Of course, there is hope Barcelona win, they just get two in a row, we can achieve reversal. In short, there are only Atletico Madrid La Liga with Barcelona in the title race, Real Madrid has been basically out of the game. Focus C Lo Real Madrid played only eight minutes against Valladolid, the game 8 minutes, Carlo Ancelotti replaced striker headed by Morata C Luo, C Luo departure expression is very painful. Slow motion replays showed the game the first two minutes, C Luo ball breakthrough at the time was the other hit a bit, apparently caused by a collision of a certain impact on C Lo. This is the period of C Ronaldo Real Madrid, for the first time in the first half was benched. Spanish media had previously reported, C Luo place to show their Ancelotti injured during training. Champions League final ten days left in the distance, obviously do not want Real Madrid C Lo injured. According to Spanish media reports, C Luo muscle fatigue, Ancelotti replaced the reason why he is to be safe. C Luo has been suffering from leg injury plagued, so he missed three weeks of the race, even with Barcelona did not participate in the King’s Cup final, first leg until the Champions League semi-final showdown with Bayern was back.