wear handsome par Chelsea two football legends persist art finally paid off road

soccer news ukMay 11 Ittihad, blue carnival overwhelming currents, flying streamers and confetti will be jubilant atmosphere to a climax. In celebration of winning the crazy crowd, just one sixtieth old with heartfelt smile, stood personable, breeze rolled his gray hair, flashing flash racing against time to catch his every expression trying to interpret the office in the first quarter to lead the Blue Moon stable Premiership champions feats coach, in the end what is different .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Everton Home Jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Everyone will wear handsome high toss thousands of frenzied fans stormed the field he is Pellegrini, Premier League history three led the first year the team won the league title for the legendary coach. With the 2013/2014 Premier League season slowly draw period, the Chilean engineer and the 2005 annual rate of Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho won the league title in 2010, coached the Blues boarded the highest podium of the Premier League, like Ancelotti, his name written into the history. They have the Midas touch of magic, put the team in the first year in office with a disciplined, powerful strength that swept England’s king of the division. If the League Cup is just an appetizer dessert, then called the Premiership champions delicious meal, this day, Pellegrini finally proud to end, “coach of the European team without a crown” of history, continuing himself in San Lorenzo, riverbed success. Experienced the ups and downs of the fate of the yellow submarine, the Galaxy fleet tragic years, the dark horse after Malaga trip Pellegrini in Manchester city, ushered in the coaching career turning point. Manchester City coach Pellegrini successful season at the child, is no accident that his rebuilding cause, when last summer transfer market has turned from the action, four pen signing heavyweight blue moon lay the foundation for the new season paid off. In addition to Vidic trapped injuries play a limited, three other reinforcements have played at Manchester City to win a key role in the process: Fernandinho offensive and defensive interceptor steals all fine, his presence only enhances the The thickness of the team’s midfield, also completely liberated Toure, so we see the Ivorian broadsword firepower, wanton 24 goals reborn; revitalize Manchester City winger Navas, straight up and down on his repeated raid and accurate biography enrich the team’s offensive means; Negredo gains 23 goals in all competitions for Manchester City go hand in hand on all fronts exploits, he Dzeko and healthy competition, and gave birth to the Manchester City striker continued, uninterrupted lethal. Manchester City before the season starts according to tactical needs and short board, a reasonable person reinforcement, configuration, careful thinking of Chilean engineers, seasoned experience, the strategy of the far-reaching, stunning. Pellegrini more worthy of admiration, but also because of his insistence on attacking football, soccer pursuit of art, he bluntly, “the Manchester City defender bad? It does not matter, as long as we have more than the opponent into a ball on it,” “I football philosophy and Mourinho’s football philosophy, Panruoyunni. ” Even in the middle of the season record Manchester City suffered ups and downs, Pellegrini still firmly reuse Silva, Nasri, Toure, Sergio Aguero and other creative players, their feet may be the originator and the flirtatious charm offensive storm, Manchester City also played elegant short pass penetration and kick the ball, with Mancini conservative era and of crude, is quite different. Therefore, the Premier League club Manchester City has created the most goals in a single season in all competitions for the new record (156 balls), so Manchester City in the Premier League 2013/2014 season goals to reach 102 goals, Chelsea a ball among the less number of goals in the history of the Premier League II. Pellegrini’s tactics did all this unimaginable. Manchester City boss courage and tactics, equally commendable. Hart status unstable repeat offenders a mistake, he resolutely took England goalkeeper reuse Panticosa Limon, so Hart not rash, rapid recovery by training hard to regain the status of the main bit; Negredo hit the ball shortage, he immediately righting Dzeko, Bosnia and Herzegovina tower scored nine goals in the last 10 games for Manchester City to win the set Tougong. Engineers the ability to read the game, keen insight of the situation, to predict and the game is also an excellent ability to grasp, he summoned repeatedly harvested flash in the pan: FA Cup four pairs of Waterford, Manchester City first half Field 2 goals behind at stake, wear handsome severance beginning of the second half on Kompany and Zabaleta truss defense fence, Waterford offensive gradually decline, Manchester City and he could feel the storm to attack, Sergio Aguero hat-trick and Section拉罗夫 creating long-range counter-attack; the first 37 Premier League Manchester City 3-2 away win over Everton, Aguero adductor injury leave, wear handsome Fernandinho put to Yaya – Thunder top to the attacking midfielder, the team situation improved rapidly, and ultimately gain a crucial victory. This is the way to teach art and military forces of the winning coach deserves mediocre coach industry who savor. (Facing Death)