Man City edition Deadly Secret irrigated sea off the flame noisy neighbors Manchester United have.

soccer news ukAl Ittihad Stadium, Manchester City beat West Ham no suspense, successfully get the Premiership title, this is the second time in three years the Blue Moon won the tournament honors, while coach Manuel Pellegrini is coaching career first league title for decades, Chile is quite significant meaning for engineers. It should be noted that the City has been able to win this season, with the 2011/12 season, with the same purpose, are rivals to make mistakes, that season, Manchester United Lien very last moment lost eight-point advantage, the final three rounds of the season Liverpool also control of the title race initiative, but at the most critical moment of a Ping negative lost the next five points, surrendering the Premier League champions Manchester City, have to say, the Blue Moon has won twice this God bless ingredients. Of course, Manchester City win is deserved, and over 100 Premier League goals, the league 20 teams most fierce defense behind Chelsea, the league lost the ball a second small, such data is sufficient to cause convinced. Manchester City’s glory, to bring out their city rivals Manchester United’s fall, the Red Devils suffered the worst record in the history of the Premier League this season, dropped out of the Premier League top four rare, missed the Champions League next season, Sir Alex Ferguson has created a generation dynasty, only in one season came crashing down . Manchester United is so because the coaching change sake, who coached more than a dozen small club Everton’s David Moyes came uploaded Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, this is the hand-picked successor, he would expect a continuation of the dynasty in all Manchester United fans, but eventually into the endless nightmare. All kinds of humiliation record after another, the former England and Europe’s most stick fortress Old Trafford, has now become a place for any team to run wild, but sadly, the last season or the Premiership champions Manchester United this season, the league made only seventh grades , marvel .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Because the record is too bad led, six-year contract with Manchester United coach David Moyes is also less than a year, he was brutally sacked the club, even as interim coach Ryan Giggs, Manchester United record is still not ideal, is still at Old Trafford Sunderland lost 0-1 humiliation, visible reason Manchester United’s David Moyes who has not, but the whole team has been rotten to the mud does not help on the wall to the point, or continue to sink Manchester United regain the rivers and mountains, can only wait next season to test. In any case, the past few decades, the Manchester City fans can finally Student Groups, raised his head, although the 2011/12 season was Manchester United who stepped in to win, but this season completely defeated Manchester United, two blue harvest moon At the same time a champion, Manchester United is nothing, did not even get a cup-tied, it can be said the old noisy neighbors finally a big change, the United wearer underfoot. For Man City duo who, last summer, the two teams have the same experience, are the coaching change, Pellegrini replace Mancini, David Moyes to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, even though there are coaching ability, but Manchester City over Manchester United The reason lies in greater investment and decisive success on the transfer market. (Xix)