Manchester City to win blue moon through the sky Tyrant No! The real giants

soccer transfer newsMorning News reporters Yu Jiongqun and Xiong Bingqi, compete in England. Manchester City last laugh last night, “Blue Moon” high in the sky above England. In farewell, “Ferguson era”, the Premier League this season, there have been rare in recent years of disorder and chaos. The data speak for themselves, according to British media statistics (As of 37), the entire top of the Premier League season, had a remarkable position changed hands 25 times, except for the last successful ascent of Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United have all when Guo leader. And a few days leading champions Manchester City only 15 days, only two days higher than Manchester United, Arsenal lead the longest number of days (128 days), but out of the title race early group. Visible “after Ferguson era”, who have the possibility to dominate the Premier League, but eventually most deep bench of Manchester City won the championship trophy. From the “Tyrant” become real “giants” in summer 2008, the oil-rich Abu Dhabi bought Manchester City. Collecting the player transfer market, regardless of the cost of the season and put together entirely proportional results, as one among the ranks of the wealthy “Blue Moon” accompanied only “Tyrant” name. Arab bosses crazy burn in the second season, Manchester City was not able to medal Premiership semi-finals, missed the Champions League. Until the 2011-12 season, Manchester City in the Premier League on goal difference advantage over rivals Manchester United thrilling pressure to win, they really towards the “giants” in the direction towards the beginning. May 2014, Manchester City can proudly announce that despite their way of throwing money in football is still very “Tyrant”, but the team has been stable enough to support the excellent results they formally entered the ranks of the “giants” of. Four seasons from the start of the 2011 season, Manchester City won the Premier League trophy twice, once to finish third, once to obtain a second, there is nothing more convincing than this it? Although mid-April, “Blue Moon”, first road loss to champion Liverpool’s biggest competitor, followed by Sunderland draw with relegation, but the last five games unbeaten Manchester City made a record, and it would go beyond the home loss to Chelsea and Liverpool away draw with Crystal Palace, will champion the initiative firmly in their own hands, and the first “red line.” Such shaking reversal, in addition to their own mental balance outside Liverpool, another important factor is that Manchester City already has enough wealthy temperament. In addition, an objective analysis of the strength of the Premiership major giants, Manchester City can win this season is indeed well deserved. In addition to weaker defense, the star-studded front, even the bench are big gathering. 38 league goals over 100, so the group is the biggest terrorist attack to ensure that Manchester City win. Manchester City’s top players in the case of the injured Sergio Aguero, Dzeko still with backup center of the color performance in the final of the league sprint surging .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League liverpool jersey gerrard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. In three games ahead of the Red Army’s key battle, Dzeko contributed five goals for the team brought three straight wins, visible in a competitive league squad bench can often play a decisive role. Of course, Liverpool is really a pity! This season is the best opportunity for them to re-climb England’s top league, but after a long time did not enjoy the taste of the enormous pressure the league to the team eventually overwhelmed them. Captain Steven Gerrard and Chelsea at home to low-level errors Guanjianyizhan, is the best interpretation of this mentality. That defeat completely ruined the whole effort before the team, and in fact can make Liverpool a draw to ensure leading edge, the results themselves anxious Reds beat himself. If the team’s top scorer Suarez to stay at Anfield, Liverpool next season, as well as to continue to impact the likelihood of the championship trophy. London duo have a fatal weakness, “the Premier League title race this season is two horses and a pony Malaysian competition, foal feeding and need to learn to jump.” In the middle of the season, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho The remarks have been made was a huge momentum of the war of words. “Two horses in Malaysia”, the Manchester City really led the way, while Arsenal are habitually left behind in the next half of the season, and “foal” Chelsea’d stick to the final rounds, but unfortunately that can not jump over the last few not tall obstacles. Arsenal lead 128 days is the longest of all the teams, Chelsea lead the 64 days in the second row, London planes are equipped with the strength of the title race, but there are also a fatal flaw, which makes them unable to grow up to nine months of “marathon” in coming to an end. Let me talk about Arsenal, identity does not match with the Giants bench Wenger biggest weakness. Arsenal dominated the young players in the lineup on to young people, so their bench on the left more innocent “rookie.” But why always accompanied by injuries this season, the Gunners, Ramsey amazing early season injury status for a long period of time, as well as Chamberlain, Arteta, etc., Walcott is a direct result of injuries while the second half of the season . Arsenal’s performance lineup along with the players one by one fall and blew out, which is always the Gunners can not solve the problem. The problem is that Chelsea’s forward line. Jose Mourinho’s side have to worry about defense, they are the least clean sheet this season in the Premiership, but on the first two goals than Manchester City and Liverpool more than 30 and less, so the gap between the poor can not directly determine the Blues win in the championship. Rival initiative, Chelsea defensive back can get into full play, so they can away 2: Liverpool’s title dream destroyed 0. Mourinho super practical “swing coach” tactical suit Cup, but can not play a role in the long league. River met in front of the team’s “bus”, there is no way the Blues himself, but always opponents attack succeeded. Crystal Palace and Sunderland relegation two teams who are so upset at Chelsea to get three points, direct them kicked out of the title race group. Want to make a difference next season, Chelsea need to solve this problem of how goals. Torres Zhiwangbushang, Eto’o old, Demba Ba play instability, so eagerly wanted Mourinho La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid’s star striker Diego Costa. Manchester United’s slide is not unexpected, the team’s lineup this already lean, with the backbone and soul of the club Ferguson’s retirement, if not Moyes took over, ranking seventh in the league is also reasonable.