FA chairman Manchester City to win a non-thing hinder the development of local football

soccer transfer news“Mirror” screenshots Premiership this season can be described as “accidents” frequently, after nearly six months of hard work, finally nearing the end of the season. May 11 evening 10:00, the Premier League last ten games will be a simultaneous contest, where the spotlight than Manchester City’s game against West Ham. The game is of great significance for Manchester City. 83 points to lead the Premier League standings Manchester City will be able to simply re-Na Yifen crowned Premiership champions. Just a minute, that does not mean that Manchester City lost to West Ham to win. West Ham but the possibility does not seem to win too. The team should be able to win a fun thing, but to win the Premier League title for the upcoming issue of Manchester City, the FA chairman does not seem very happy. According to British media, “Mirror” message, the FA main Xigeleige – DaimlerChrysler (Greg Dyke) bluntly, “Manchester City win is very frustrating and detrimental for English football .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League swansea 1415 home shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news..” The reason is the Manchester City player in the United Kingdom only a handful of players that can set off for England’s 2014 World Cup in Brazil players are even scarcer. In this regard, three days before the FA aims to make a President more local players in the Premier League at a high level of effectiveness of the proposal, said: “Although the Premier League this season is very exciting, but over-reliance on foreign players in this situation It is frustrating. On Wednesday we have the statistics of the Premier League top four teams in the proportion of local players is 29 percent last year, and this year was only 24%, we should pay attention to this issue. “In fact, over-reliance on foreign players in the semi-finals of this season’s Premier League has become a common phenomenon. Manchester City 24 players, there are 18 foreign players, accounting for 75% of the total players. Liverpool 22 players, there are 15 foreign players, accounting for 68.2%. Chelsea 24 players, 20 foreign players, accounting for 83.3%. Arsenal’s 27 players, 22 foreign players accounted for 81.5% occupied. Although in the league, the players nationality is not so important. But a National League teams in the outstanding performance of local players tend to become candidates for the national team, therefore, concerns the President of the FA is also not unreasonable.