Europe’s top five leagues this season comes to an end interesting commentary each winning team.

latest soccer newsAnother May, another top five leagues in Europe temporary farewell moment, looking back over the past nine months of fierce battle, the fans in the top flight thanks bring highly entertaining football game at the same time for us, but also surprised to find, This year’s five league champions, if that is a zoo configuration. Premier League champions Manchester City are oriole, dominated the top of the standings is not long, but it can Manchester City had the last laugh, is to be the old saying goes: mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post. Spanish champions Atletico Madrid is the wolf, when people focus on Barcelona and Real Madrid who, feeling glad blaze with Atletico Wolf took the final victory. Serie A champions Juventus like a frog in a well, winning a record-breaking score very well, but could not get more than victory in the Serie A, let the “old lady” somewhat suppressed. Bundesliga champions Bayern can not shake like elephants, seven ahead of championship proved their dominance in the Bundesliga. French champions Paris Saint-Germain is a monkey, in the French level is generally not high, Greater Paris is just “the mountains no tiger, monkey king.” Premier League champions Manchester City oriole had the last laugh in the Premier League this season, was named the many professional media, “the history of the Premier League’s most crazy,” the reason is very simple, after 30, yet there are seven teams could have won. Manchester City last won, turned out to be all over the leader of the team in the Premier League standings, occupy the top position of the second short time. According to statistics, the nine-month period, the Premier League leader’s position appeared 25 times in the past astonishing changes, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, including five teams, were once the Premier League lead. As of May 7, leading the number of days the teams are Arsenal 128 days, 64 days, Chelsea, Liverpool, 59 days, 11 days of Manchester City, Manchester United two days. In other words, in addition to already do not hold title hopes of Manchester United, Manchester City lead the standings of time shorter than the other three competitors, which once again shows the truth: who laughs last laughs best only. Admittedly, Manchester City missed the top of the table for a long time, with the schedule they have a great relationship, however, always adhere to the gorgeous blue moon play attacking football to help them accumulate enough goal difference is also critical. For example, two round total score Manchester City 7-1 victory over Manchester United, Arsenal 6-3 bloodbath, two rounds 11-1 massacre Tottenham are very classic battles. Before that final round, Liverpool, Manchester City’s goal difference is more than the second 13. This means that they can only draw with West Ham win. If we say: mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post. So Manchester City is a great oriole, did not spend a long time behind their morale, persistent efforts to make them wait a fatal blow to the opponent’s timing. Spanish champions Atletico Madrid Atletico Wolf Hukouduoshi saying: tigers fight, there must be an injury. When people Liga championship, early to determine the two tigers – is between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Atletico obliquely out to kill the wolf them to the limit, from the jaws of death took the La Liga champions. Digital perhaps boring, but it is the most telling Atletico wolf. Throughout the season, Atletico have eight players accumulated more than 4000 minutes of playing time, they were running away from the field for more than 10 kilometers. The competitors, the only Real Madrid Pepe and Ramos do this, Barca only Busquets over 4000 minutes of playing time. Spanish media comment is: “Atletico marathon way, claiming the league title.” In addition to physical Pao Busi, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone also beat to death into a wolf. Desperate lost 0-2 at Levante, champions Chelsea 0-1 away once passive, do not let Atletico give up. The most representative is the final round of league match against Barcelona, ​​Atletico was only 3 points ahead of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid at home as long as the two teams with the same score will be able to, according to the Spanish rule, will compare the two teams played against record . League teams in the first half, Atletico Madrid 0-0 at home, in other words, as long as Barca can win the title. Barcelona was playing at home with a 1-0 lead see hope, however, in the second half Atletico corner broke, and at the last moment united defense, helping the team to get a draw, and to report thereon to lock the Spanish champions. Faced with unfavorable situation not to give up in the face enemies still confident that this is the wolf Atletico, which is their “tiger’s mouth win” reasons. Serie A champions Juventus woman stop when the frog 19 home unbeaten league record 102 Serie A Juventus three consecutive proclaimed “old lady” again become the Apennine football overlord. .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man united home kids jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.