turn! Manchester City welcome gospel Paris penalized by reducing the number of local aid

latest soccer newsManchester City welcome turnaround Paris fined for breaching UEFA’s financial fair policy punished Manchester City and Greater Paris is expected to be mitigated punishment! According to the “Daily Mail” said the international professional players in the league (FIFPro) UEFA is ready to offer advice, hoping to cut Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League national player quotas. President of the International Union of European professional players Bobby – Barnes said: “We want to do something for those who can not campaign for policy reasons Champions League players, UEFA hopes work can make a difference.” UEFA is prepared to finance those who violate fair policy team for the kill, the imposition of severe sanctions, including the players Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain number of applicants to participate in next season’s Champions League cut from 25 people to 21 people, and there must be a certain number of teams of local players, Specifically, this is eight National Youth academy players and four club culture training young players, a move that could lead to some high-level foreign players can not participate in the Champions League. Barnes tried to negotiate with the UEFA stakeholders, after UEFA yet to finalize the list of at least 21 people including several local players .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League air max 90 fashionable flower uk 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. “If the international professional players in the league and UEFA can discuss, we hope to be able to be spared UEFA. Champions League is a high level of competition, and players should not be held responsible for the club financially fault.” Barney Adams says. UEFA final decision on punishment in violation of the team’s financial fair policy has been made in this month, nine European clubs will be punished, including the new Premier Division and fined 60 million euros French champions. So far, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League 21 if registration personnel must be at least eight local players have not yet conclusive, if the international league professional players can reach an agreement with UEFA, local players can be reduced to a minimum enrollment number 5 name, the results may be announced in the next few days. In addition, Barnes also said the international professional players in the league can amend the rules of accumulated yellow card suspension, Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso suspended because of accumulated three yellow cards, had played in the Champions League final in Madrid derby sidelined. UEFA has in its operations in the different rules of the tournament, the European Championship and the World Cup quarter-finals after the players had yellow cards will be cleared, but the cumulative three Champions League yellow card suspension system is adopted, then Every player fined a total of two yellow cards will be suspended for one game, and to be brought into the group stage of the Yellow knockout. Many European teams are quite critical of the rule of UEFA, UEFA is able to “listen to public opinion,” so the Champions League accumulated yellow card suspension rule is consistent with the Euro, it is now unknown. (Facing Death) Related News: Manchester City UEFA severe penalties in the Champions League in Paris fined 60 million + people sign up at least 4 · Detailed Manchester ticket: fines or minus 2/3 · 49 million transfer fee limit of 21 Champions League Manchester City prediction list: Porto binary front Pa or have been abandoned