English Premier League and La Liga are makeover Manchester City by one point away from the summit.

soccer news 2015five leagues in Europe is nearing completion, but compared to the Bundesliga, Serie A, French champions have ownership, the Premier League and La Liga title race suspense instead intensified. Yesterday morning, the Premier League and La Liga title race each end of a focus of the war, after the current round of English, Spanish League title race two 180-degree reversal of situation occurs, Manchester City 4: 0 victory over Aston Villa, points 2 points ahead of Liverpool, distance from the summit of the new season championship only 1 point; La Liga Real Madrid away by Valladolid 1: 1 draw with, four points behind leaders Atletico Madrid, winning two league left almost hopeless. Fill in the Premier League round-up match, Manchester City 4: 0 victory over Aston Villa, Liverpool won more than two points after four straight Premiership exclusive list. It is worth mentioning that, this season, the top of the Premier League standings after a change of 25 degrees, but this time I am afraid that is hard to have a chance after the change: Currently, Manchester City plot 83 points to finish first, Liverpool with 81 points in second place, while on goal difference ahead of Manchester City Liverpool 13 as much, so to say, the last round at home against West Ham Manchester City, just want to make the flat to get 1 point, you can ensure that the championship. “By winning the league title there are many ways, but I chose to play the attacking football. I hope the fans can enjoy it, and I hope in this way to win the league title.” 赛后佩莱格里尼 said it Manchester City can begin to talk about the title of the topic. Like the Premier League, La Liga title race situation also happen overnight shaking reversal, the difference is even more exciting play. Complement tournament, Real Madrid home 1: 1 draw by relegation Valladolid, within three days of the two draws, almost sentence of the “Galacticos” to exit the title race ranks. After the end of the current round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid 88 points, Barcelona 85, Real Madrid 84 points, this has been “wash sleep” Barcelona actually turn a champion of life and death rests in their hands. From the current situation, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona will be the fate of control in their own hands, continuous mistakes of Real Madrid at the same time you need to wait for planes to make mistakes .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League chelsea shirt 17 hazard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Atletico last two are at home against Malaga, away to Barcelona, ​​just make sure not to lose two games, Atletico is the champion; for Barcelona, ​​the last two away to Elche vs. Atletico Madrid two-game winning streak, then Barcelona 91 points each record is also able to rely on the advantage rule the roost. After the game, “Marca” with “Aspen” have played the slogan, “Real Madrid bid farewell to the league, Barcelona lived!” Obviously, this draw Real Madrid, Barcelona allow rivals to become the biggest beneficiary. However, in the case of the league almost hopeless, Real Madrid can focus to the Champions League title tilt, after the final round of La Liga Atletico bloody Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid can benefit from it.