Manchester City 2-point victory over top Premiership title race ranks the most promising prospects

latest soccer newsLegal Evening News (Reporter Zhangkun Long) rainy night four-ball victory, “Blue Moon” only one step away from the Premier League aspirations. This morning, the first 29 Premier League this season, a rescheduled race started at Al Ittihad Stadium, home game with Manchester City Dzeko, who’s excellent play to 4-0 win over visiting Aston Villa in obtaining League four-game winning streak, but also to the two-point advantage to return to the top of the standings. Face a relegation battle ahead of Aston Villa, Manchester City aim to win from the opening on the launching of the siege, although the second half until the 64th minute before breaking the deadlock, but Dzeko, Vidic and Yaya Toure of Goal soon as “Blue Moon” locked up the victory. With the victory, Manchester City in the Premier League round remaining cases, the initiative to regain control of the title race. The evening of May 11, will mark the 10 Premier League games this season, ending days of competition for as long as possible against West Ham Manchester City game unbeaten, the team will once again a year later won the Premier League trophy. Currently, two points behind Liverpool Reds To finally claim, in addition to Newcastle United must win, we should also hopes “Hammers” can on the road Like “Blue Moon.” For West Ham already seeding, such a possibility does not. Premier League this season is finally going to a full stop. 10:00 tonight, 10 games at the same time kick-off. Has been the biggest surprise lies in two points ahead of Manchester City can successfully finish the last 100 meters, “cool” to win, as long as they can retake a minute coronation. Premiership only the last one, landed in Manchester twists and turns, they lead Liverpool two points behind, and as many as 13 on goal difference ahead of the competition. Today, just a draw Manchester City West Ham United, you can in 3 years 2nd crowned Premiership champions. Coach Manuel Pellegrini at Friday’s press conference has Fangchuhualai, his team won the first prize deserved. “We played the best football .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League arsenal home jersey ozil 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.? Yes, I think so. When I picked up the Manchester pointer, my goal is to play well and try to win the championship. I did agree with the White City, because I very confident that I can lead the Premier League champions Manchester City to get. “If you can not beat West Ham, even a draw, while Liverpool win, then the two teams will accumulate 84 points with Manchester City on goal difference advantage is likely to win the championship (unless Liverpool Newcastle win by 13 goals to score more goals with the advantage of first place). If Manchester City lost, while Liverpool wins, then the result will be a Liverpool cup! Many fans will ponder a few questions, West Ham have the ability to do in Manchester home upset? West Ham United have been ahead of relegation, they will Sike Manchester seeding it? From the “Daily Mirror” reported a news point of view, “Hammers” To score points in Manchester, I am afraid not so optimistic. Because West Ham have been on vacation this week, until Friday before resuming training.