Manchester City won the special assessment Vladimir Jazz Hermitage build a new dynasty troubled.

soccer news 2015After Ferguson Hermitage, Premiership chaos. Backtracking 2013/2014 season, the Premier League top spot changed hands a total of 25 times, fierce competition is evident, but the last laugh that team just spent 14 days in the top spot in the standings, the data far and several other title rivals, but they have become the final winner. This title is called Manchester City, they hand the other one from the team from Manchester, snatching back the lost one year Barclays Cup. See Manchester Memorial trophy passion of the moment, your mind will be what emerges? Stands passion Poznan dance, echoed in every corner of Al Ittihad “HEY JUDE”, “BLUE MOON” melody, or the art of football nostalgia sporadic heavy fragrance? Kompany domineering hold aloft the trophy the team into the blue sea embracing the time gone? Mancini with one falls through the season proved his authoritarian, conservative and stupid, Pellegrini is magnificent with an epic season took to the altar. What is the difference between the 2014 version and the version of the 2012 Premiership champions Premiership title? By Sergio Aguero finale in injury time to beat QPR lore thrilling Premier League 2012 edition championship aspirations, often reminiscent of God KUN unparalleled personal ability, the goddess of fortune’s favor, and Mancini after the game incoherent “Thank God thank people”; edition 2014 champion, basically the initiative firmly clutched in his hands, more domineering, emboldened and hard gas. Or, edition of 2012 by the Manchester City player goodly portion of the idea came, version 2014 Manchester City by virtue of the strength of the team and collective spirit. Mancini not daring to move to the imminent death dressed “why always me” T-shirts through the streets of the bar of God, Pellegrini can put the poor state of the country, England, Premier League Gold Glove winner Hart air directly onto the bench. A team of cronyism and a meritocracy in the team, its tactical ability, Manner and fighting, can not compare .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League liverpool jersey gerrard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Troubled Premier League, Manchester City is like this atypical wonderful flowers everywhere different: it unswervingly adhere to attacking football, even ground with skill and dedication than Arsenal; it has Jagged unbending spirit, not afraid to fight with any rival bayonets, play fight; it’s the bloodthirsty side show vividly, wanton 156 goals in 57 games in all competitions this season, becoming the largest single-season Premier League goals, averaging 2.74 goals. Not afraid to lose to win on temperament, not only in the Manchester League campaign day and night, it was revealed in the Champions League Manchester gallop bit: they dare and new Cosmos Bayern played the exchange, and the old Cosmos Ba Sabi ball, standing dead too never put bus. This Manchester City as the majority of fans hearts of the most familiar stranger, but such a change, the ultimate success of the birth of the championship. Double play declining rivals Manchester United, Arsenal at home 6-3 storm hit, the classic battle of Manchester City’s numerous, but that does not mean that the Blue Moon is a perfect team. On the road, they have been Cardiff City, Aston Villa, Sunderland humiliation, in the middle of the season, the performance is very unstable, but why are the champions Manchester City? Focus on the Premier League Liverpool played over 11 game winning streak, but the key moment Rogers failed to assess the situation and fantasy swallow Chelsea home against being hurt, excellent situation never came back; no bloody wolf and domineering Arsenal destined lack champion strength of character, it will often collapse in strong dialogue, bloodbath rival the big score; Jagged Chelsea defense but striker fall again, one leg is difficult to stabilize. Manchester City may not be the best team, but it is a most balanced team, they have a lot of experience of two years ago, the exploits of the players to win the process, there is enough depth to have mechanisms and the ability to timely correction of adversity, there is How to survive the “grinding ass time” experience, they can wave of soul-stirring five-game winning streak end of the Premier League season-ending, must rely on the above factors together. As troubled dignity in Manchester, won enough honor and attention, but both troubled times, first king of the city flag situation in the offing. 3 years, won two Premier League champions Manchester United in order to open the type of dynasty? Defending say it next year! (Facing Death)