We are the champions! Manchester City v. Zhongchang 士伊蒂哈德 carnival tweets

soccer news ukWith the referee blew the 2-0 win over West Ham United Manchester City battle for the final whistle, had tempted ecstasy and excitement of Manchester City fans flocked to the stadium bleachers from Al Ittihad and share the joy of winning when the team and pleasure. Madness fans unable to make the award of work carried out by the process, the live broadcast constantly called on fans to cool to match the next award, the staff are patient fans persuasion, persuasion. After some negotiations, the fans gradually dispersed from the field, the staff began to arrange the awards stage at center court, “Hey Jude” “We Are The Champions” song echoed on the field, in the locker room and put a new Manchester City generals The “2014” after receiving awards at more than 50,000 fans watched the podium. Kompany domineering hold aloft the trophy into the blue sea embracing the team’s first admission that Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini, Chile marshal smiling, with a smile, and constantly waved to the fans. Then Hart, Silva, Kolarov, Lescott, who gradually took the podium to accept the award, Vidic, Tower. Milicic, Aguero and other stars are wearing their flag on stage, Captain Kompany last appearance, he also called on the stage in front of Bo Yata and other league appearances this season, five games is not enough, do not qualify for a medal, “fringe players” came to power, so that they share the joy of the championship. With Kompany final stage aloft the Premiership trophy this season, and the atmosphere has reached a climax, swirling fireworks, streamers and confetti “squandering charming eyes”, the photographer’s flash flashing Manchester City cheering soldiers jumping to celebrate the hard-won league titles, the goal hero Nasri finale is when the team posed for a high-profile person to stay put at the forefront of the next trophy, domineering glance . Part of the new Division Champions League exploits are celebrated more than to win the war, was interviewed by goalkeeper Joe – Hart believes this win and two years ago are different: “The last scene is difficult to repeat, QPR fought to the last moment, and this season our team stronger, we have to win to win those games, so the last laugh. We are the champions, we have a quality of character and determination to find a way to win, and he was so proud of my team and proud of it. I have experienced a difficult period, Panticosa Limon behaved well, but I finally regained the main place .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man utd away shirts 10 rooney 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Coach is a winner, and I want to thank him for the team into a winning New Year, Premier League champions Is the reward of his best. “Looking back on the season, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini with emotion:” We are not playing good start, but in six road games just under four minutes to take the situation, I told the players must turn over, and continuously improve, they accepted me. We have performed well throughout the season, is a king of the division. “Many Manchester City player release mood on Twitter, the first time after winning Silva Twitter update: “! We are the Premier League champions’ Zabaleta thanked his wife:” You are my motivation to get all the achievements, I love you! “Aguero wrote:” Another Premier League title, I glad to Manchester City in three years to win two Premier League titles! I am very grateful for the support of Manchester City fans, the championship is dedicated to you! I’m glad to share with my family and the joy of winning! “