Xinhua News Agency News Pellegrini year without creating champions Manchester City

latest soccer newsManchester City won. Pellegrini Manchester City player was thrown into the air. He was enjoying this wonderful moment. He is from Chile, became the first Premier League history champion coach from outside Europe. At home to 2: 0 victory over West Ham after Manchester City following the 2012 after winning the Premier League title again .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. “It feels really great. To the Premier League already not easy, it is the hardest league in the world.” Pellegrini said. He served as football coach for 26 years, came to Europe since 2004, has coached, including Real Madrid, including three Spanish teams, have not won the league title, and finally realize their dreams in the Premiership. Just a year ago, when Pellegrini as coach to be revealed, Manchester City fans collective opposition. First, they can not accept the dismissal of coach Roberto Mancini, who led Italy to win their first 44 years in the league title, followed by they can not make a successful coach in Spain is not a successor. But Chileans low-key White City, carefully run a fleet of expensive but the potential is far from being played by the team. One year, he was known as the Premiership’s most “boring” coach. April 13, when they lost to Liverpool on the road, will give the opponent to win the initiative, questioning voice again hit. But faced with the Sturm und Drang of Liverpool, Pellegrini is still low-key but confident response. April 27, Liverpool lost to Chelsea, Manchester City will be the opportunity to win again in his hands, only to win all five remaining games of victory, they can scoop the next champion. Liverpool is still England’s darling, but Pellegrini 5 5 Czech war, there is no chance for the Reds. This is after 60 years following the Carling Cup victory Pellegrini, led Manchester City to win a second trophy. On the “Blue Moon” 134 years of history, a season record two trophies, for the first time. The court could not hide the gorgeous low-key on the field, Pellegrini men no longer appear Tevez and Balotelli this controversial figure, but he created a sharp attack team. Although the top scorer Aguero injured in February, but the team throughout the season to reach 102 goals. Toure and III striker Dzeko is to maximize play a major role in midfield, but also each contributed 20 and 16 goals. He said: “When I first came to the team, we may not be very good relationship so that we restore confidence is very important, the most important is that each of us, regardless of the coach, the players, or the fans, we need to unite. to scoop this tough championship. “This year, in addition to the news of the game, you can not see Pellegrini more news. He silently create a champion.