Dance Beat troubled Premiership top 38 turnover 25 times the largest in history

soccer news uk2013/2014 Premier League season ended yesterday morning, this is a very special season, will its special identity and status were contained in the above history. If you use one word to summarize it, it is “chaos.” Decline in the United occasion, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal overtake each other, interlocking, so that lasted nine months champion staged drama to the final round, the final three years of $ Manchester City twice picked the last laugh. 38 Premier League leaders changed 25 times, a record of the most, so many teams will battle for the title is so vigorous interpretation in Premier League history is the first time. Phenomenon firepower to determine the winner of the Premier League Manchester City 156 balls although most single-season riding on the draw can win, but Pellegrini did not neglect to make removal of the main, even groin injury comeback Aguero also debut, this one is to win, and secondly to take into account another gimmick — Chelsea, Manchester City can break the record in the 2009-10 season record of 103 goals. Final Nasri and Kompany’s goal for Manchester City this season, goals fixed in 102, Manchester City with a record pass, but this does not hide the fact that the collective firepower blowout blue moon, they four fronts this season 156 Premier League goals scored in a single season scoring record high, which is won the double (League Cup before harvest) is the fundamental guarantee of Manchester City this season. In fact the last decade, the extent of the fire has become the industry consensus decision Premiership title from Henry led Arsenal to Manchester City Mancini period all that, this season, Liverpool long served as the protagonist of the title race, but also thanks to the gift of firepower ( 38 Battle scored 101 goals), but also to England’s top league for the first time in 54 years the two teams over a hundred grand appearance. Recalling the double blue double red contend thought mess ups and downs in the process, never thought such a mess, the history of the Premier League for 21 years frequently staged two Triwizard (Manchester United and Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea later), even if there is a third party participation, champion category is also inseparable from Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City (formerly Liverpool) three, but this season, double red double blue (Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal) four teams consistent champion of suspense, it is rare! How the data may reflect a fierce this season, a total of 25 times Premier League top easy to master, which occupy the top champions Manchester City only 15 days, the fourth Arsenal have actually become a leader in 128 days long the most, only a thin between three 4 minutes, 22 years there have been only three times. From the time the node point of view, there are three differences between the title race drama, One Year After the half, the gap between the semi-finals little wound up Everton 1 point behind Liverpool also placing him fifth. And until February and March cruised Arsenal lineup thin short board recurrence in a multi-line combat stress, resulting into the semi-finals three British war fighting. The last time both sprint endurance test also spell luck, because Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, Chelsea lost to a well-known failures, Chelsea because of double negative drag on even the underdog, taking advantage of Manchester City came from behind in one fell swoop aspirations. Observe the new red and blue double-blue battle for hegemony OR Premiership so chaotic, largely Baifugesen also closed down, thanks to one of the Premier League title, “Standing” Manchester United this season, severe landslides, and finally harvest the worst in team history Premiership ranked 7th, the absence of war in Europe for the first time in 20 years, the industry believes that the era of vacuum after Ferguson Premier League into the troubled times. Manchester City twice whirl yuan three years, Pellegrini harvest years in Europe’s first league title, this is the first time in the history of the Premier League by the South American coach led the team to win. Of course, just wear handsome road, leaving his future is bright. Tactical decent, well-running the army did not say, oil black gold continued transfusion, Champions League experience gained, but also to the original club CEO Soriano “crown five years,” the grand blueprint huge capital accumulation. Manchester City model also attracted other teams into intensified, and in a sustained extent can be compared only to Chelsea. British media analysts pointed out that the next three to five years will be immersed in the Premier League Manchester City and Chelsea, “Blues” at home. Furthermore Liverpool revival should not be underestimated, the team’s first 24 years after a thin crown only one step away, the Reds will be in the Champions League campaign next season, it is also pointed out that the future of the view was the main theme of the Premier League Manchester City and Liverpool will become the “new red and blue war nor power overnight. “As the old red and blue war hero another Manchester United next season, they are bound to single combat of the full impact of the league, but the team’s competitiveness and deterrence and the Ferguson era is not yet in the same breath, recover . .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League soccer jersey 2010 world cup blue 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.