To quit the national team heartbreak Nasri girlfriend solidarity busy apologizing Vieira

latest soccer news“Sky Sports”: Nasri consider their national team in the future despite the outstanding performance of the season at Manchester City, the team won two Premier League titles and the League Cup trophy, but Nasri is still excluded from the French coach Didier Deschamps Brazil’s World Cup squad outside, which caused an uproar in recent days. Heartbroken, the French national team intends to permanently withdraw from the legendary French star Patrick Vieira solidarity Nasri, that the latter’s performance this season with the up in Brazil, meanwhile, was a few days ago myself Nasri girlfriend Deschamps of France and shelling inappropriate remarks and apologize. In an interview with “Sky Sports” interview, said that for Nasri squad unsuccessful mentally prepared, even though this is a blow but he will face strong. Deschamps Nasri unsuccessful in explaining the incident, said: “Nasri at Manchester City was a star, but the French team did not show the same level and every time he would bench looked very unhappy..” Nath this responded that no player will be happy sitting on the bench. Nevertheless, Nasri was the French team and Deschamps sent a blessing, “I respect his decision, he does not need me, I wish him good luck, and hope the French team all the best.” Legendary French star Patrick – Riviere Nasri was pulled to complain, as the former director of the Manchester City team-mate and is currently running club, Vieira very clear Nasri strength, he said: “I have fought and Nasri in the national team, and now I have with him to Manchester City. French team lacks the guts to deal with the character of the players on this matter is very personal Samir player, but this is a positive personality, he never had problems in Manchester. If you want to capture get the World Cup, you should pick the best players. “Vieira believes Nasri Deschamps is not called for non-competitive factor in the 2012 European Cup with Spain’s game after the game, Nasri in the mixed zone interview French reporter with abusive swearing, after they suffered the French Football Federation banned for three games of heavy fines, fading from the national team lineup. In addition, Nasri’s girlfriend Ana La yourself a few days ago was not cool remarks apologize, “words hurt if the French people, I apologize .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Everton Home Jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. I did not mean to attack the French in this country.” Introduction meaning under, 阿娜拉 discontent in France only for the Football Association and coach Didier Deschamps. When the 2010 World Cup, Zidane hailed as the successor of Nasri, not selected for the 30-man squad Domenech’s France. Brazil World Cup this summer, even Nasri missed the France 30 squad again. French lost imagined, only 26 years old, he is considering formally quit the French team, Nasri said: “This is really hard to accept, I’ll think about the future of their vacation in the national team, For a player to miss two World Cup is too cruel. “May 14, the French national team coach Didier Deschamps Brazil World Cup campaign released a list of 23-man squad with seven candidates, the results just to help get the Premier League champions Manchester City Carolina Sri unsuccessful. Because not trust Deschamps, Nasri himself already a losing consciousness, he said on Twitter: “Thanks to the support of all, missed the World Cup, this is life, but the pain makes you stronger. “But his girlfriend 阿达娜 but explode, she tweeted shouted:” F *** France, F *** you just cook feces Deschamps’!!. (Nanaya)