Manchester City Premiership summit just one point of Real Madrid La Liga title fight already left.

latest soccer newsYesterday morning, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue champion were a focus of the war ended, the two English League West title situation tend clear. With the 4-0 victory over Aston Villa to Manchester City, points 2 points ahead of Liverpool from the summit of Champions just 1 minute, the last one they need only a draw to win; La Liga Real Madrid away by Valladolid 1- 1 Bihu, four points behind leaders Atletico Madrid, in the case of the remaining two rounds to win the league almost hopeless. To win the Blue Moon also played a beautiful first 29 rescheduling, yesterday morning at Al Ittihad Stadium, fight, Manchester City 4-0 home victory over Aston Villa. After two days, Liverpool lost a good Board in the case of three-goal lead, brutally Crystal Palace 3-3 draw, the hand three minutes into a one points this season in the Premiership title race has ended the suspense almost. Sure enough, two days after the battle of Manchester City did not let the fans down, Dzeko scored twice, Vidic and Toure to expand the score. After four consecutive victories over Liverpool, Manchester City 2 minutes exclusive list. 2013/2014 Premier League season standings, after alternating in 24-degree, finally after “Blue Moon” Legion a victory, the first 25 degrees of change. In the final round of the league left the case, this time the top position is probably already very difficult to have changed: Manchester City plot 83 points to finish first, Liverpool to 81 points in second place, while on goal difference, Manchester City ahead of Liverpool 13 much. Manchester City’s home game against West Ham last one, just want to make the flat to get 1 point, you can ensure that the championship. “By winning the league title there are many ways, but I chose to play the attacking football. I hope the fans can enjoy it, and I hope in this way to win the league title.” Pellegrini pleased to say after the game . Galacticos theory may only want to win before Real Madrid and Valladolid away yesterday’s rescheduled race, Ancelotti statement said: “This is a crucial game, because we know that if we did not win, We’re out of the league. “What are they afraid of what would come, although the first 400 times for Real Madrid appearances Ramos opened the scoring, but Osorio headed home in the first 86 minutes, to help Valladolid equalized Galacticos hand 3 points into a 1 minute. After 36 games, Real Madrid now accumulated 84 points, only four points behind leaders Atletico up the gap, even there is a gap distance between the second Ming Basa points. League left two, Real Madrid won there is only theoretically possible. Spain’s two media, “Marca” with “Aspen” play slogan: “Real Madrid bid farewell to the league, Barcelona lived!” Catalan media, “the daily sports newspaper” also played the title “Barcelona can decide their own destiny it! “Real Madrid this draw, let Atletico Madrid has become the biggest beneficiary, they do not need to see the other teams face, just a wave of two-game winning streak, they can be at home won the league championship. Now the top three in La Liga, Atletico won the highest hopes, “sheets Legion” only need to win four points, will be able to completely seal the league title .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League referee jersey 2014 world cup green 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Even Atletico made two Lian Ping, their points will also be up to 90 minutes, even if Barca get a win a level of performance, still 89 points to 90 points lost to Atletico Madrid. However, Real Madrid in the Champions League as well as the more important event can compete, maybe “put” to city rivals a league championship, to get back on the Cup is also reasonable.