want to go no way! Manchester City to pay a ticket to stay strong binary brothers put up with it!

soccer news 2015Richards and Milner difficult to leave Manchester City first team want to go .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League soccer jersey 2010 world cup blue 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: jerseysdressingroom.com! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.? Not so easy! Inability to firmly secured the main location in Manchester, Milner and Richards, two local players want to seek the transfer in the summer, the club was poured cold water: the two of you do not go anywhere, honest to me alone, until the fulfillment After the contract say! Milner and Richards and Manchester City are only one year contract will expire, because too little time playing in the team, they all want to change the environment to start again, “Daily Mail” said the Arsenal and Liverpool are these two players interested. However, according to UEFA’s new financial fair policy, Manchester City must ensure that a certain number of local players, which is why they suddenly reluctant to sell Milner and Richards the main reason. Over the past two seasons with losses of up to 149 million pounds of Manchester City for violation of the UEFA financial fair policy received a ticket, compared to fines and transfer budget cap provisions, the most troubled Blue Moon is the number of applicants in the Champions League will be the original 25-man cut to 21 people, and which must include eight local players and four from the team’s youth system players (such as Richards). Carrying a penalty of Manchester blame for the sake of plans, certainly hope to stay strong Milner and Richards to follow the provisions of UEFA, which also means that they have to bear some of the financial losses, because the two will become a free agent next year Blue Moon unable to earn a fee from them. But for the deep pockets of the Abu Dhabi consortium, this money is just a drizzle. In order to ensure the team has sufficient quota of local players, Manchester City has taken great pains. In addition to stay strong Milner and Richards, the club also is the team’s third goalkeeper Richard – Wright offered a new contract, Luodeweier only be allowed to leave the club on loan, provided that Manchester City completed UEFA regulations require local players! For such a Manchester “multinational force”, the ability to play on the main in the team very few local players, but now they have a new use – as a team put together the required quota of local players. For Richard – Wright this and other players want to dawdle, this may be good news, but Milner and Richards in when the play only “bench to sit through” this torture, I really The rhythm is to make people crazy ah! (Facing Death) Related News: Arsenal captain or go to Serie A giants double digging Manchester City star emergent changes · Robin Hood? UEFA fined Manchester City and then the new tactics throughout Europe split Sanha passed the examination signing Manchester City three weekly £ 150,000