Manchester City engineer Jioubu four giants Barcelona loot dispute Premiership side guard

soccer news 2015The “Daily Mirror” screenshots transfer market this summer, in addition to the introduction of a central defender outside the Premier League champions Manchester City at the goalkeeper position also needs. According to the “Daily Express” disclosure, coach Manuel Pellegrini has phase of the old unit, Argentine Caballero when he coached at Malaga. Currently, Manchester City’s number two goalkeeper Panticosa Limon, but Romanians contract will expire in the summer, Manchester City has no intention to renew their contract, so the Blue Moon must give Joe – Hart to find a substitute. In this case, the Chilean engineer thought Caballero, the 32-year-old Argentine goalkeeper in the 10/11 season move to Malaga, on behalf of the team played so far a total of 132 games, play a very stable. In fact, this is not the first time Manchester City and Caballero calls last season, Joe – Hart slump when they had tried to sign Malaga goalkeeper. However, Manchester City will face stiff competition from Barcelona, ​​the Catalan club has let go of the main Valdes, Pinto bench also told not to renew can leave on a free transfer, so the Camp Nou on goalkeeper stronger demand 比伊蒂哈德 court. In talking about his future fate, the Caballero said: “I do not know if the rumors come true, but linked with Barcelona is my honor.” According to the “Mirror” reported that Manchester City left-back Cora Rove has become the meat and potatoes transfer market, currently he left on his contract with the club last year, the City has started contract talks, hoping to most Premier League assists last season retain fullback. Although the Serbian striker said he was happy in Manchester, but the French are ready to pay to win the Monaco Tyrant. 2010, Manchester City spent 19 million pounds to buy Kolarov from Lazio, in addition to left back, he can play at left midfield, along with a superb free kick kung fu kick. Mancini era, defending the weak and strong attack Kolarov has been suppressed by Krishna, but to the hands Pellegrini respected offensive football, Kolarov has firmly secured the main. Apart from Monaco, “Mirror,” said Juventus, AC Milan and Rome, the three giants Kolarov also very interested. (Bass) Related News: Official Manchester City, Real Madrid confirmed the renewal of youth teenager Sergio Aguero · 60 million turnaround dig! Manchester City welcome gospel Paris penalized by reducing the number of local aid · want to go no way! Manchester City to pay a ticket to stay strong binary brothers put up with it .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League liverpool jersey gerrard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.!