Robin Hood UEFA fined Manchester City and then the new tactics equally across Europe

latest soccer newsEnglish Premier League club Manchester City have the chance to get a fine father with strong financial resources of the Middle East oil, Manchester giants line quickly escalated into Europe in the short term, but this “upstart” experience also let them become a target. Since Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City before his total investment has reached one billion pounds, but due to a violation of UEFA’s financial fair policy, Manchester City was fined £ 50 million, setting a world football’s fine record. In addition, including Paris Saint-Germain, including several other teams because of violations and fines in varying amounts, relative to the total amount of 114.5 million pounds Jakarta. As for the use of the money, “Daily Telegraph” said UEFA President Michel Platini and UEFA General Secretary Infante Tarantino plans and President of the European Football Associations Rummenigge discuss plans is one of the equally fine, and distribute the object is not limited to participating in the war in Europe this season, 237 Club, where the team will also include violations of all league teams, which means that the whole of Europe will be nearly 300 teams equally fine, sounds great the “Robin Hood” means. If you plan to implement, so each team can be assigned to a maximum of £ 380,000, but if Manchester City and other irregularities fine relief team reached the UEFA standards, then divided may be reduced to £ 138,000. And the Premiership side, even the already relegated Norwich, Fulham and Cardiff City, you can also enjoy a windfall. “Daily Telegraph” said UEFA hopes to split the fine, to reduce the likelihood of offending club appeal .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League soccer jersey 2010 world cup blue 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. It is reported that, as of Monday’s deadline, no one fined the club to make a formal appeal. Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United have no intention to ask UEFA to further punish Manchester City, Everton and even (fifth Premier League as Manchester City next season’s Champions League qualification deprived, Everton will replace the competition) are no interest in doing so. In addition, Manchester City chairman Carl East has publicly announced that the club finances on track:. “This year we will reach break-even next year we can have a positive profit development plan, the club now has no debt, would not have to repay the interest on the debt. For me, this is a benign pattern, but of our friends in the UEFA do not think so, they have their point of view, we have our own, this will not affect our strategy “(bass) Related reading: · Detailed Manchester City ticket: fines or minus 2/3 · 49 million transfer fee limited to heavy penalties to Manchester City UEFA fined 60 million + Paris Champions League registration least 4 people