Manchester City Liverpool crown two years fall short of Manchester United for 18 years darkest.

soccer news uk2013 – 2014 Premier League season ended on Sunday in the Premier League this season, the emergence of numerous hot topic of concern. Mourinho’s return to the Premier League, Manchester United coaching pains Suarez scorer limelight, dramatic championship. Although a Premier League season ends on Sunday, but this season has brought memories are very fresh. The author of the topic the reporter 李斌英 Super League yesterday staged finale “Blue Moon” flash twice last laugh (Reporter Li Bin) yesterday completed the Premier League this season, the final round of the competition, beating Manchester City 2-0 West Ham the final 86 points to win the Premier League title this season, this is Manchester City’s second win in three years. Ranking the Premier League this season, the top four teams are Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Norwich, Fulham, Cardiff City relegated. This season’s Premier League title race suspense continued into the final round, Manchester City need only draw at home to West Ham would be sufficient to rely on goal difference to win the league title. Liverpool Manchester City will need to expect to lose, or in the case of a tie, the victory made 13 goal difference from the game against Newcastle. Manchester City did not give any chance to leave Liverpool, Blue Moon Gongshiruchao big advantage at home, in the game the first 39 minutes, Manchester City lead, Nasri to Manchester City’s world-wave long-range to break the deadlock. The first 49 minutes, Nasri issued corner, West Ham player siege not far, just kick the ball placement of Kompany fire break. 2-0 continuation to the end. Liverpool’s title hopes last night, it appears that little absent-minded, Marsh Patel own goal in the first half, leading to temporarily let Newcastle, Liverpool began to wake up in the second half, twice in two minutes Gerrard free kick assists, A Lattice and Sturridge were reversed scored to help Liverpool Newcastle, but eventually Liverpool only 84 points this season in the Premier League runner-up .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man united home kids jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Manchester momentum as the “red” Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard will fall short of the “dark horse” fell into the abyss of Manchester City and Liverpool in this season’s championship, becoming the season’s most worthy of discussion topics. Liverpool after a lapse of 24 years have the opportunity to touch the league title again, but can not think of bizarre reversal occurred at the last minute. This season’s Premier League title race situation is a bit complicated, the start of the season Arsenal triumph, has been stingy in the transfer market gunmen spared no expense to the introduction of Ozil, over a period of time become the focus of the Premier League, their performance is also true. Unfortunately fall again in the second half of Arsenal next season, once again become a “fight four spree.” This season’s Premier League title race has been between Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool started three teams will win the suspense until the final rounds of the league. Liverpool’s progress was quite dramatic, they had not been optimistic about the frequent scene of elegant aid, starting with the Crystal Palace in a 1-0 defeat at home to Chelsea, followed by “relegation spree” Sunderland shot twice in 4 March 17 2-2 draw with Manchester City 2, and in April 20 to 2 to 1 victory over Chelsea, with Liverpool in the focus of the war itself to 3 to 2 victory over Manchester City, this 24-year league title aspirations failed The team became the most dominant team win. Dramatic changes occur in April of last round – Chelsea’s game against Liverpool. This should be evenly matched in this game, Chelsea take the initiative a “swing coach” of defenses to counter the momentum is strong Liverpool, Chelsea should have said there is no chance at all, but when Gerrard’s ball in the backcourt a wrestling changed everything, Demba Ba scored a goal for Chelsea to take this opportunity. This goal led to Liverpool’s tactics was completely disrupted, they had to turn out in force at home caught the opportunity to fight back in the final moments of Chelsea, scored a goal from William. The so-called “house seemingly endless rain,” Liverpool after wrestling bad luck again and again, losing the championship may have the advantage of Liverpool and Manchester City Competition at the last moment to fight for the championship on goal difference, so they face in the first 37 league Crystal Palace When wantonly attack, eager body Laozu goal difference at the Crystal Palace. The result will be angered Crystal Palace, who helped Liverpool beat Chelsea’s “elegant” to force the game into three 3 level, the Liverpool into the abyss. Darling of Manchester City in the first 37 destroyed the Aston Villa defense, will fight for the title race advantage to his side. From the perspective of the overall performance of the season, Manchester City is indeed worthy of the Premiership champions, although they had committed some mistakes, but at the end of season sprint stage, Blue Moon strangling the throat of destiny. After 37 league, Manchester City have been gains 100 Premier League goals, this data should be even more than having a super striker Sturridge Suarez and Liverpool. Manchester City is outstanding on defense, goal difference in the first 37 is 13 more than Liverpool. Also in terms of stability, Manchester City made an equally good results. Anyway, Manchester City and Liverpool’s title in the process, Liverpool has always been not to be optimistic that support early in the season, the team appears to form the dark horse.