City of Paris to heavy penalties UEFA fined 60 million + Champions League registration least 4.

soccer news ukUEFA official website screenshot May 17 morning, UEFA announced that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain for violating French financial fair policy (FFP), was fined 60 million euros of heavy fines, while the team was asked to lower wages, limit the maximum amount of a single transaction. In addition, the two teams in the Champions League next season, the registration number will be reduced to 21 to 25 people. According to “Financial fair competition” clause, to participate in the war in Europe over the past two seasons with the club can only reported losses 45 million euros. Manchester City’s deficit in 2012 reached 97.9 million pounds last year to 51.6 million pounds, which is far beyond the UEFA criteria. Enrollment in the Champions League Manchester City and Paris will be the original 25 who were forcibly reduced to 21 people. If the next evaluation period they can reach UEFA requirements, then the number of applicants in the Champions League will be back to 25 standards. In addition to Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, Zenit St Petersburg in Russia, Rubin Kazan and Anzhi; Turkey’s Galatasaray, Bursaspor, Trabzonspor and Bulgaria 索菲亚列夫 Sharansky, 7 clubs will also be punished

 Platini defended the policy for financial fair May 17, UEFA financial fair policy violation Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain out huge fines, but did not deprive the Champions League qualification two clubs. After the ticket came out, the parties talking about some football chiefs think both teams should be eliminated in the Champions League seats. UEFA President Michel Platini recently in an interview with Sky Sports interview, as UEFA’s policy of defense. Breach of UEFA’s financial fair policy, deficit seriously exceeded the Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain was fined 60 million euros, while being required to reduce wages, the Champions League is also a large list of numbers from 25 to 21 people, but to keep the Champions League qualification . Platini believes UEFA introduced policies aimed at helping the club to better manage, rather than prohibit the team competition. “I am not the final say, but also my desire not to ban the club. I think if we make a mistake the team is suspended, fiscal policy is fair to let the club to get better, and not let them When in trouble. “Asked whether such punishment enough deterrent, Platini said that this is a very subjective judgment .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League liverpool jersey gerrard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. “I can say that is not enough, you can say enough, other experts can say anything else. Manchester City and Paris, fans may have been very happy, Manchester United and Everton fans might not think so made as to whether there is sufficient deterrent judgment is very subjective, and we must act in accordance with the rules and regulations, and understand our fundamental purpose. But I think that fiscal policy is fair and good for the development of football. “(Ai Road)