Toure is willing to return to Barcelona retired pro Cheng British media brokers pit dead blue moon

latest soccer news“Post”: Toure pro Cheng willing to retire at Barcelona Yaya – Toure leaving the storm continues. According to the “Daily Mail” reported that the Ivorian striker has not only to clarify the facts, but fuel, admitted his desire to return to Barcelona and finish his career at the Nou Camp. When asked whether it is possible to leave Manchester City for the other team effectiveness, Yaya – Toure on “beIN SPORTS” and said: “Yes, I have said before in Barcelona wanted to end his career, but we do not know the future, because Football’s world works quickly, you never know what will happen tomorrow .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League west ham united home jerseys 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Because of Manchester City this season, with honors, so that everyone is talking about me, and all the possibilities are there, but we do not know will happen tomorrow What “Toure to Manchester City fans remarks sound somewhat harsh, then he added:.”. Dimitri has been on the phone, he knew what to do, because I trust him now the most important The thing is the World Cup, he knows what to do, because our doors are always open, anything for anyone so now I can talk to him for days. “Undoubtedly, Toure brokerage People Dimitri – 塞鲁克 plays a pivotal role in the whole incident, “Daily Mail” is a straightforward point out, all the ghost of his pounding. Since 2001, it has served as Ukrainians Toure’s agent, who trusted him so that not only call him “Father”, will be his second son, named to his name. Barcelona had at the time, because outspoken Se Luke eventually let Guardiola intolerable, this determination will sell Toure. 2012 after 44 years at Manchester City winning the first league title, Se Luke claimed Toure needs “a new goal,” said the club last year, he was quibbling store name printed jersey Toure insufficient number, it all eventually lead Manchester City to £ 10 million annual salary contract with Toure. This time, Se Luke also trick. Premier League Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain Ligue around 60 million euros in huge fines, because the two teams in the past two years in violation of the principles of financial fair play. In addition to fines, Manchester City and Greater Paris was also ordered to reduce total wages squad, while in the summer transfer window, or turn into a matter can not have more than 60 million euros in the transaction. In addition, prior to the next UEFA audit, the number of teams in the Champions League registration are reduced from 25 people to 21 people. In strong support from the Middle East consortium, the Manchester City this season, got the second Premier League title in team history, while the Greater Paris is the defending champion of the French, but the two teams have been established in the past few years, winning the high investment and high loss on. In Manchester, for example, “Blue Moon” in 2012 shortfall of up to 97.9 million pounds, while UEFA’s financial fair play principle requires loss club not more than 37 million pounds. Currently Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain UEFA has decided to accept the punishment, but the two teams have expressed confidence to continue to keep the team competitive.