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soccer news 2015dominant performance this season, there is an excellent round of Serie A, but locked the cup-tied for Inter, the team has been able to start thinking about summer signings ahead. Océ Leo 托希尔 and summer the most important task is in the transfer market to introduce a good center, “Football Market” disclosure, Tuoxi Er hope to sign Torres, Soldado, Lamela, Negredo Inter are also more goals. Inter Milan this season, missed the first three league offensive is a big problem, not state when Palacio, Inter difficult to find a second stable score points. Torres, Dzeko, Morata was three goals Tuoxierqin point, Torres is now the most promising to get Inter players, Chelsea has basically decided to introduce Diego in the summer – Costa, Torres is sure to be sold . “Football Market” disclosure, Chelsea Torres can not expect to sell a high price, as long as the Inter able to accept the first lease year, then 1200-1500 million euros buyout, Torres is expected to put Inter Milan jersey. Tuoxi Er recent trip to London, has been met with Torres’s agent, broker express their sincerity Inter aspects. But for Inter, now the biggest problem is that Torres’s salary, it is precisely because of this reason, Torres is now more inclined to stay in the Premier League football, Tottenham are interested in it for Torres. Tottenham last summer, the introduction of a large amount of money Soldado, Lamela two offensive hand, the results of both do not adapt to the Premiership, if the introduction of Torres, certainly must first dispose of Soldado and Lamela, Tuoxi Er trip to London, also happens to White Hart Lane with Tottenham executives were contacted. Soldado and Lamela, when the introduction of Tottenham are spending more than 30 million euros, this played a season, the Spurs do not want to be out two or cheap. Tottenham want to rent out the first two, then leave Tottenham if performance is good, worth may also rise, so even if unable to recover the original cost price, Tottenham will not have too much loss. Inter then made way players exchanged pull Nokia and Inter Milan contract expires in 2015, Inter want to sell overseas, Nokia team, hoping to cash in exchange for using 拉诺基亚加 Soldado or Lamela. After the Manchester City striker Dzeko before also Tuoxi Er favorite striker, but Manchester City won the Premier League title, the team is currently working with Dzeko discuss renewal. Dzeko himself in an interview, also said: “? Inter in the past three years, people always said I want to leave Manchester City, but I’m still in for Manchester City.” “Football Market” disclosure, if Dzeko renew season Negre early team starting center position once occupied more likely to be sold to Manchester City, Inter Milan and Manchester City are also links to see if it is possible to rent Negredo. The introduction, while Inter Milan have the players to leave. Milito’s contract is about to expire, will be back A A veteran Argentine pension .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League liverpool jersey gerrard 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Ica Jordi good performance this season, has scored nine goals for the team, if you receive the right offer, Inter will not leave this troubled young man. In addition, Inter Milan and Atlanta have identified a total of Liwa Jia will join the Russian super team Rubin Kazan, a fee of 6.5 million euros. (Diya Mo) Related News: Inter Milan striker talent exodus is eligible officially announced transaction failure suffered another questioned · Tuoxi Er Hamsik admitted intentionally introduced this summer to sign Inter Milan striker · Premiership two stands: Inter certificate Vidic joined President Chan He is a world-class