Manchester City win the FA make money by smashing down the champion is the champion!

latest soccer newsMorning News reporter Shu Jiong! “Manchester City win disappointing” These remarks are not out of the Premier League title this season, missed the final of the Liverpool fans, but the current FA chairman Dyke. Before the final round of the Premier League, the England football head says: “This year’s league competition for it is colorful, but the array of favorites for Manchester City in England only two regular internationals players, Chelsea are only two or three people Bale It does make people very disappointed. “Why, because DaimlerChrysler hopes more England internationals dominated Liverpool win,” Liverpool’s outstanding performance this season is good news for England coach Roy Hodgson, this is for us the World Cup in Brazil performance of great help. “so biased discourse to Manchester City and” Blue Moon “extremely unhappy fans .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Small local players should be discriminated against, such logic is clearly not feasible. Since there is no rule for foreign players limit, then Manchester City’s success is beyond reproach. The year when the Foreign Legion swept against Arsenal Premiership, FA officials never published opinions discontent now Manchester City has become the target of attacks, study the deeper reason, or no ceiling on Middle Eastern oil tycoons checkbook cited to jealousy. Football has always been a “rich man’s game.” Champion championship team needs players in today’s comprehensive international football today, which can not have been able to rely on the club’s all-local team to win the trophy. Hematopoietic mechanisms like Barcelona very well, they are still a seat behind the Gold Cup with Alves, Mascherano pay big bucks to the introduction of such a key position players. Even so Bayern Munich has a large number of giant German international, but also rely on a sheet so that other Bundesliga club can not refuse to check poaching. Money may not be punched championship, but the championship is definitely rely on money to drop out. Liverpool native based model certainly laudable, but Manchester City this title is also worthy of respect. Money is to drop down, and victory depends on the player or the presence of up to fight, Liverpool own critical moment the ball dropped, it did not give to the “Blue Moon” chance to overtake. Not to mention Liverpool’s top scorer Suarez is not the England players, the Red Army in order to keep the Uruguayan striker out of the first team history £ 200,000 weekly salary. Professional football is football commercialize this product in front of achievement, in front of the trophy, “stench” will always be floating out, no one can escape.