Premier League title two years ending Manchester City Manchester Blue Moon rising

soccer news 2015With Nasri and captain Kompany scored on the second half, Manchester City in the Premier League on the eve of the war ending, the 2-0 defeat the West Ham, which beat Liverpool to two points advantage, the second time in three years clinch the Premiership trophy. Although strong attack Manchester City this year, unlike the previous year trophy as thrilling, dramatic, but the Premier League title this season, ups and downs of the war, from the beginning of the season champion Arsenal, Liverpool after half a meteoric rise, first place the situation is excellent, “Blue Moon” Legion whole season only 15 days to occupy the top spot, but with five straight sprint momentum, and come from behind, the last laugh. Manchester City Premier League windy greatest magic is strong attack first Premiership this season, Manchester City scored 102 goals, a record club record highs, only to Chelsea in the 2009-2010 season, the creation of the Premier League record 103 goals. Toure, Dzeko can be described as two major contributor to the team won the first prize, often injured due to Silva, Toure became Manchester City midfield engine, its core values ​​filling completely. Toure is not only good at organizing, and can break, scored 20 goals this season, not only among the first team, but also the highest in Europe, the first of five league midfielder, especially sprint champion, Toure repeatedly staged individual good break drama, called the City to achieve the summit’s final reversal Stand. Dzeko scored 16 goals this season, hit a new high since he joined Manchester City, especially the sprint against Everton, Aston Villa scored twice in a row to become the team’s key man. Manchester City defender although not as Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho, but is also regarded as a solid goalkeeper Hart, 后卫德米凯 Lisburn although once been questioned, but more stable performance, with Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany constitute . Hart, especially after going through a trough, the recovery state, and before a different person. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard Liverpool fatal turning point when accidentally slipped against Chelsea, Liverpool became the road this season, won the first prize of a fatal turning point, and ultimately failed to achieve the first Premier League title dream. In fact, there are many factors that Liverpool failed to have the last laugh, especially the defense, Liverpool lost this season, 50 goals in the top five teams in the Premier League, conceded the most goals conceded many of them, including Steven Gerrard lead slip goals conceded, are the errors caused Liverpool player, it does harm Liverpool, leading to fall short. While Liverpool lost the championship last season, suffered a lot of people laugh, but the re-emergence of Liverpool is the fact that they scored 101 goals this season, Suarez has not only become the Premier League’s top scorer, and was named player of the season title. Gerrard yesterday said he was confident before his retirement to achieve the dream of the Premier League title. After the worst of the season Manchester United Ferguson era of extremely disappointed people, and ultimately only ranked seventh, hit the “Red Devils” worst performance in the history of the Premier League, not only in the Champions League, European Cup qualification even did not get that this is Manchester United for 25 years missed the first European club competitions. Manchester United and Manchester United fans can be attributed to depressed and unable to extricate himself incompetent Moyes. For Manchester United, this was a very painful lesson, they pay a heavy price for the wrong coach. This will help Manchester United next season Xuanshuai more careful. In January of this year, Old Trafford fans had banners support Moyers, “is selected that one .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League arsenal home jersey ozil 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news..” March 29, Manchester United vs. Aston Villa fans to hire planes pull banners, protest Moyers: “the wrong choice, Moyers get out.” In the last 136 years of the history of Manchester United, the first time. As Ferguson’s successor, David Moyes at Manchester United to dump spent 289 days, at least 14 broke the record of shame, numerous scripts, comics blowing. In the locker room have suffered severe internal and external challenges Moyes, Manchester United is not the only reason for the fall, but under his leadership, this season, Manchester United fans to experience the type of spring collapse Arsenal, Liverpool ranked seventh style, Chelsea style fried and Manchester City coach-style farewell million.