Detailed Manchester ticket fines or minus 23 limit 49 million transfer fee

latest soccer news“Daily Mail”: Manchester City or just pay a fine of 16 million May 17 morning, UEFA announced financial fair policy violation against Manchester City tickets: £ 48.8 million fine plus sign next season’s Champions League from the list of 25 people reduced to 21 people. However, according to the “Daily Mail” revealed that despite UEFA’s punishment seems rather harsh, but which is still a lot of room for accommodation .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League air max 90 fashionable flower uk 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. As expected, the Manchester City penalty close to 50 million pounds, but as long as the Blue Moon to meet a series of conditions, UEFA will be removed from one of the two-thirds, which is a fine of £ 32.6 million, 16.2 million penalty only Manchester City pounds, and the money will all come from the future to Manchester City in the Champions League two seasons revenue. UEFA’s official statement reads: “Manchester City have received 60 million euros (equivalent to £ 48.8 million) fine, but if Manchester City meet a series of conditions, including the 40 million euros (equivalent to 32.6 million pounds) will be returned.” One of the conditions, the Champions League next season Manchester enrollment places were reduced from 25 to 21 people, UEFA at this point did not give in, Manchester City can only be recognized fine; the second condition, the net transfer spending Manchester City this summer, may not exceed £ 49 million, while net expenditure Pellegrini means players can sell existing cash for the introduction of new big players, as long as the final net expenditure is not exceeded on the line, equal to the Manchester City great leeway; Three conditions, the implementation of the salary cap next season, Manchester City, not the players salary increase; four conditions, the UEFA in the next two years to allow the other team’s loss bottom line is 24.4 million pounds, while Manchester City is limited to 16 million pounds this year , only £ 8 million next year. Manchester City, according to estimates of the financial sector, the club can reach a balanced budget this year, thus limiting the amount of loss can be negligible. Secondly, think Manchester City transfer policy has little impact on the team’s salary cap restrictions established, and after Lescott and Barry and other players leaving the team, but also taking a step forward to reduce wage costs. Finally, although 23 players registered to participate in the Champions League Manchester City this season, but only 21 were actually farm, so to reduce the impact of the Champions League places enrollment is also not as big as expected.