Manchester City clear evidence of exposure to map Lei Qingsheng expert criticism He was spoiled

soccer news ukManchester City official accused of pushing specially Figure Lei Qingsheng due to forget for his club to celebrate the 31st birthday, Soul City midfielder Yaya – Toure Naoqi transfer, but that really true? The answer is no. In fact, in May 13, which is Yaya – Toure birthday, Manchester City on its official Facebook issued a document to wish him a happy birthday, and this information received 250,000 won. Meanwhile in Manchester on the team flight to Abu Dhabi, Toure also gain a birthday cake, but after arriving in the station, the hotel has prepared a cake for him. Therefore, Manchester City is not like Toure’s agent Dimitri – Se Luke said, “There is no representation.” Of course, perhaps in the Ivory Coast striker and his eyes broker, only Anzhi President Robert – When 38-year-old Carlos birthday gift a value of £ 800,000 Bugatti Veyron, can only be counted on, “say something.” Se Luke said: “I do not expect Manchester City to send a Bugatti Yaya, Yaya we just hold their hand and said to him, & lsquo; We congratulate you; this is the very least they need to do..” In fact, this does not pay attention to Manchester City Yaya – Toure is groundless accusations, you know, once the former Barcelona midfielder fans complain stores jersey with his name printed on the insufficient number, he also complained around Ittihad Stadium Not many of his posters, and Manchester City in order to show good faith, and he signed a salary of about 10 million pounds of fat, so Toure has become one of the highest income players in the world .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Manchester City gave a birthday cake while Toure Toure own position also changed several times, he first said on Twitter, “Dimitri said everything is true, he said, would mean that I said, I will In an interview after the World Cup to do. “He then corrected himself and said,” Thank birthday today received the blessing, Manchester cards arrived, it must be the post office lost, ha ha “,” not to mention throwing a joke, please do not for those who are not from My own mouths words seriously, “but in the” Daily Mail. “expert Jonathan – McEvoy seems Manchester City’s behavior 恰恰滋 long Yaya – Toure arrogance, let him become a” spoiled bad kids. ” McEvoy said: “Toure had signed Manchester City for the money, this is an unavoidable fact that in this incident, megalomaniac players and greedy brokers are part of the problem, on the other hand is the club too. accustomed to them, just like Suarez in Liverpool and Manchester United Wayne Rooney. “(Beth)