Nasri will be watching the World Cup on television clearly that he will not be called up

soccer news 2015“Daily Mail” shots despite outstanding performance this season, Nasri is still likely to miss the French team for Brazil’s World Cup squad .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Everton Home Jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. According to the “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester City star Nasri said that because of lack of French coach Didier – Didier Deschamps’s trust, he has made it clear that they will defeat the World Cup squad. Manchester City won the Premier League title on the road, Nasri is a key player in the Premier League on May 11 in the final round, defeating Manchester City 2-0 West Ham United, Nasri opened the scoring to ensure that the team victory. But Deschamps, he does not need the midfielder, although 26-year-old Frenchman has played 41 times for the national team. Nasri told the “Canal +”: “This matter has been decided, I respect the choice of Didier Deschamps, I will be at home watching the World Cup.” “If the club like Manchester City and won two titles were not enough, I also No way, this is very bad, but I do not regret. “Blue Moon France midfielder fade lineup since the 2012 European Cup, when he was in the game with Spain, France abusive with reporters in the mixed zone interview swearing, French Football Federation after they suffered heavy fines suspended three games. Nasri was supported by the club’s coach Manuel Pellegrini, Pellegrini said that if Nasri defeat would be a huge mistake. World Cup in Brazil, France, Honduras, Ecuador, Switzerland points in Group E, qualifying prospects very optimistic. Recently, the French coach Didier Deschamps announced the expedition Brazil World Cup squad of 23, the results just to help Manchester City win the Premier League and League Cup double winners Nasri unsuccessful, he could not even bench did not make the list of seven people. After learning the news, Nasri’s girlfriend Ana La – Atta Nice in France and on Twitter Deschamps big burst foul language, but perhaps aware of their words and deeds disqualification, the British model in today’s apology . A Nala yesterday on Twitter freak, scolded “F *** France, F *** Deschamps, you’re a cook feces,” but soon attracted a lot of dissatisfaction with the French people, so Ana La In today’s apology, said, “If I offended the French people, then I apologize, my tweets are not for the whole of France.” For Nasri, it is already the second time he missed the World Cup, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa , when he was appointed coach Raymond Domenech excluded, suffered another blow today, so Manchester City midfielder somewhat disheartened. In an interview with “Sky Sports” interview, Nasri implying that he is considering whether to quit the national team: “It’s hard to accept, I need some time to think about the national team thing, because this is their second time from the World Cup me away. You can feel free to ask any player, ask if they are willing to sit on the bench, no one would answer yes. In the holidays, I need to think about my future in the national team because of a missed two-time World Cup Players blow is too great. “And when the whole world is screaming for Nasri’s unexpected defeat, the player himself has said he has long been a premonition. “I must admit, I already know there is such a result,” the Manchester City midfielder added, “Sometimes you have a feeling that when you take the initiative to find a coach to speak, but he pay any attention to you, you know you’re can not play the World Cup. It was a blow, but I have to be prepared mentally. I’m fine. I respect his choice, he did not want to vote for me, then with his right. France wishes to have good luck. “Former French captain, he joined together Deschamps won the 1998 World Cup champion Patrick Vieira also solidarity Nasri. Currently, Vieira as Manchester City youth team coach, so he knows how Nasri this season well, but how Deschamps has committed a serious error. Tieyao the former midfielder said: “If your goal is the World Cup, then you have to choose the best players, but good Nasri this season in order to play the World Cup performance was a, he has done it all. He is the hero of this season, the club won. He can score, but also assists the relationship with his teammates very well. He’s a positive guy, but also bear more responsibility than ever before. “da Bouza rate against Manchester City Pellegrini also said the press conference than on: “I talked Nasri, this is not good news for him, he is a very good player, but all the teams in the national team should have the primary. coach, and coach them to make these decisions depends. “(Beth)