Premier League – Nasri heavy artillery opened to door Champions Manchester City 1-0 halftime lead

latest soccer newsMay 11 evening 22:00, 2013/2014 season finale started Premiership, Manchester City sits at home against West Ham. The first 39 minutes Nasri long-range nets, the first 46 minutes Silva volley column, Manchester City 1-0 halftime lead .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League arsenal home jersey ozil 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. The two teams had a total of 97 games played against Manchester City 46 wins and 16 losses record level of 35 dominant, this season the two teams in the league and cup Communist three encounters, Manchester City all win. Manchester City before the game plot 83 points ranked top of the Premier League standings, you can ensure that this war just draw to win the Premiership title, while West Ham have been extracted successfully avoid relegation, whether the game will go all remains to be seen. Manchester City have scored 154 goals in all competitions, which scored 100 Premier League goals, three goals shy away from the Premier League single-season record of 103 Chelsea goals highest creation. The Manchester City to make removal of the main battle, Toure, Silva led the midfield, Sergio Aguero and dominant hand in the assault, Fernandinho, Vidic bench. West Ham side, Nolan midfield, Carol as a single arrow. West Ham unintentional handball inside the penalty area after the referee turned a blind eye opening two teams in the exploratory stage, in no hurry to attack, the first three minutes to the right Pablo Zabaleta restricted area before the ball has been forced to pass the bottom line, one minute Hounasili right to force Breakthrough opponents “closed.” The first eight minutes Kolarov cross from the left was rescue, the first 9 minutes of Manchester City right pass inside the Noble cause restricted area handball, but the referee has not been ignored. The first 11 minutes Zabaleta cross from the right point after Silva left foot volley the ball fly, 1 minute ago 后唐宁 field the ball, Nolan fired directly fly remote stands. The first 15 minutes Dzeko was denied the right pass the bottom line, hair Road siege Nasri corner. The first 18 minutes when Sergio Aguero up front foot slipping rib cage shot the ball directly into the arms of the goalkeeper. The first 20 minutes Nasri corner, Kompany Closed Road header tops. The first 22 minutes Nasri on the right inverted triangle pass, Toure front right rib towards the ball blasts sliding doors, one minute Hounasili right Tupofenqiu, Dzeko hit the top of the key long-range aircraft . Lengshe! Nance archery Nasri to Manchester City 1-0 in the 25th minute halftime Kolarov closed perimeter sudden Shi Leng Jian, Adrian Dan Zhang prolapse beam, after one minute flat Houekuiluo steals the ball left the restricted area pass, Dzeko fire hit high. The first 30 minutes before Manchester consecutive short passes but unable to penetrate the visiting defense, Kolarov from outside the area hit long-range high. The first 31 minutes Nolan collision goalkeeper booked, the first 33 minutes and dominant pass, Silva stopping mistakes small edge of the area, and then adjust the shot blocked. The first 39 minutes Manchester City finally broke the deadlock, Toure on the right ball, the inside of the left column Nasri restricted area outside door pool Lengshe surprise drill net nest, 1-0! The first 43 minutes Nasri won the right to protect the ball foul, he personally free kick to the front, Aguero headed top side. The first 44 minutes Sergio Aguero on the right pass, Zabaleta Tui follow-up was blocked, the first volley hit the crossbar 46 minutes Silva, Manchester City 1-0 West Ham halftime. (Facing Death)