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soccer transfer newsThe entire England are optimistic about Manchester City win, but Mister Rogers believe a miracle – Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen eventually. Drama ended, a season of hustle silent. Ultimately, there is no tampering winning screenplay. Premiership belong blue – at the end of yesterday morning’s final round of Premier League tournament, West Ham failed to check Manchester City, Blue Moon in Al Ittihad Stadium 2-0 win hammer happy to help, to do so boarded Premiership champion; Rogers and his Liverpool home win over the Magpies, although, honestly, but only stayed on the second place. Manchester City deserved to win this season, is considered to be the most chaotic situation in the Premier League title race in history, the most exciting title race suspense of a season, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and other teams have to occupy the top spot, but in the end Manchester City but in the final round win win .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Everton Home Jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. They are also in a single season in the Premier 102 Premier League goals scored in a single season in the history of the second multi-team, second only to Chelsea in 2010. For the last end of the story, Manchester City captain Kompany am pleased to note: “This year we have an easier way to win the championship, fortunately, we can do so, of course, next season we have a far higher goal, even though we ran into. Champions and disappointments, but I always told myself, do not kneel down, do not bury your head in your hands. heads held high, to attack again. “attack 102 goals, ferocious offensive line 38 bombers into the 102 league goals , averaging 2.68 goals fetched, Manchester City attack this season, second only to the 2009-10 season, Chelsea hit a record 103 goals. Compared Ancelotti Chelsea when under the rule of the last two seasons in a row at home rout of rival before the goals “brush” over a hundred, Manchester City before the final round has scored 100 goals, which shows the attack distribution is more balanced. Manchester City have made against the Premier League goal of the season when 17 teams, including Tottenham, Fulham and Arsenal London these three teams suffered trauma from the “Blue Moon” the biggest, two rounds were offensive showdown the 11-ball, 9 ball and seven goals; and rivals, defending champion Manchester United is likewise conceded seven times. In contrast, only Manchester City scored a ball over Chelsea and Stoke City, has been considered made “the best results.” Points 2 points behind the war stalemate final runner-up in the standings ahead of Liverpool two points, from a digital point of view, Manchester City this season compared to the 2011-12 championship season virtue of goal difference to be easier to beat Manchester United to win, but to see No. 3 Chelsea only four points behind Manchester City, the club has three points at 82 points or more, which shows this season, “the three teams to kill” stalemate situation. Nearly five seasons, the Premier League this season has not been the same as before the last two games, there are three teams left title hopes. Manchester United ahead of runner-up last season, Manchester City full 11 Points; 2011-12 Champions Manchester clubs will continue until the last minute of suspense, but nearly 20 points behind Arsenal’s lead, indicating that early into the championship. ” Manchester Premier League, “the rhythm. When Manchester United and Chelsea respectively, and then forward the Premiership aspirations, are also laid the foundation for an early win. Ranking the top 14 days, tough leader saying goes, “is not afraid of a good meal late,” after last week’s victory over Aston Villa rescheduling, only to return to Manchester City top of the standings. Because of the schedule to play three fewer games, Manchester City was ranked ranked No. 4 behind Arsenal. In the case of Arsenal and Liverpool each almost half of the season to lead the league, “Blue Moon” also shows the team came from behind to toughness. According to statistics, before the final round of the competition, Manchester City this season, leading the league alone for only 14 days, which occupy the top spot a total of only five games. In stark contrast, the final ranked No. 4 in the arsenal there are nearly 20 experienced leader. As Chaser team mentality a little slack may cause further widening the gap, even efforts of the entire season destroyed. Eventually be able to withstand the pressure leapt to the top, it can be said the last time Manchester United win six recovered eight points of history, to Manchester City in the blood into the indomitable spirit. The first one of the season coach, Manuel Pellegrini’s still a long way last summer due to a lot of teams have a coaching change, since the start of the Premier League this season, beginning to fall into a scuffle, although the defending champions Manchester United out of the championship early, but released at the time of the second half to win the rhetoric there forty-five club. In this situation, led the first season champions of Chileans although Pellegrini is “Luanzhongqusheng”, but also shows his coaching philosophy will be able to quickly integrate into existing resources to . Prior to wear handsome, only Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti done for the season to clinch the Premiership title feat, and led the first two seasons can be champions, and so far only one person Mourinho. With the league intermittent reinforcement lineup Liverpool, Chelsea completed the run, plus it can not continue to be willing to sink Manchester United, Premier League next season, the competition is likely to be more confusing. Will become “common knowledge” of how to face Manchester City defending pressure, perhaps the test Pellegrini and his team fineness of the time. Instead, the lead time is short because the opponents to take the title, “seek death,” the Manchester City after winning chant laughing: There pigs as competitors, nice! – After ending the Premiership, that someone so quipped.