Manchester City 29 million strong exposure to dig Real Magic 100 000 weekly wing gunmen seized the.

soccer transfer news“insight into the offside”: Manchester City, Real Madrid dug 29 million despite the Manchester City winger lineup is strong enough, but this summer, coach Manuel Pellegrini will continue to strengthen, “insight into the offside,” broke the news that Manchester City invested £ 29 million plan to poach Real Magic Wings Mary, there is news that the Argentine winger had to leave the possibility of other European top clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United would be very interested in him. 26 year old Mary landed in Europe in 2007 to join Benfica, the summer of 2010 to join Real Madrid, Mourinho coach at the time, has been the main force, joining three 137 appearances in all competitions last season, scoring 25 goals 48 assists times. This season, due to joining Bell, Mary marginalized position at Real Madrid, however, still played 50 games 11 goals 21 assists. The only difference with the previous few seasons is that an increase in off the bench this season, and the number of Dimaliya replaced in advance, according to statistics, the Argentine winger nine off the bench, was traded down as much as 26 times ahead, this rule Mourinho Under the Real Madrid, which is not the case data. British media “insight into the offside,” said Mary joined Al Ittihad if he will not worry about Manchester’s life, because there are quite a few of his teammates in the national team, such as Sergio Aguero, Martin Demichelis and Saba Lai Argentine striker tower. Lescott due to leave this summer, it is necessary to acquire a player of Manchester City in the guard position, the British media, “Daily Mail” said the coach Pellegrini Perez intentionally invested £ 12 million signing Burnett Tia. Burnett Tia 27 years old, Morocco striker, who played for Marseille, Toulouse, Lorient, Claremont and Udinese and other club last summer to join Rome. This season, Burnett Tia performed very well, in addition to hard on the defensive end, one of the best line of defense to help the Roman Apennines, also in the offensive end and scored five goals, the league runner-up in Rome and therefore achieved good results and return to the Champions League league. It is reported that, eyeing Tia Burnett is not a Premier League club Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea and other clubs are also eyeing Morocco striker, British media, “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini I donated 12 million pounds to get the possibility of this transaction is unlikely, estimate that it will continue to increase. Or the British media, “Daily Mail” message, said after Arsenal and Hull City’s FA Cup final, Manchester City will sign gunman main Sarnia. Sarnia aged 31 and Arsenal contract expires this summer, the two sides to renew negotiations broke down, the club can not meet the French left-back £ 100,000 weekly requirements, it is learned Manchester City meet Sarnia .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Sarnia debut in the French club Auxerre, in the summer of 2007 to join Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in men, has been the team’s main, close to 290 appearances in all competitions, due to Arsenal for many years without a crown, Sa Virginia has not been able to follow the gunman lift the trophy, these awkward after May 17, is expected to end. (Xix) Related News: Manchester City reject list France binary Scolari was troubled investigation · Inter Milan are interested in signing Sarnia Mazari is eligible primary Xisuoxier Support · Exposure Tottenham this summer ho purchased willing to put Angel Di Maria of Real Madrid to England