Manchester City want to winkle number three lion’s head left back 20 million offer Portuguese Super.

soccer news 2015Manchester City want to lure them away to Manchester City Everton left 后卫拜恩斯 due to violation of the financial fair policy, was severely punished UEFA tickets, one of which is the new Division Premiership champions this summer’s net transfer spending is not more than 49 million GBP! Even so, the deep pockets of Manchester City is in full lineup over the world collecting stars, magic wing Baines Everton, Porto midfielder Fernando are the team to compete in the “prey.” Manchester United last summer failed poaching Baines, frightened Everton in January this year and 29-year-old all-around defender contract, signed a new four-year contract. There are indications that the recent Baines is unlikely to leave toffee, but according to “insight into the offside,” saying, Pellegrini for Baines favored a plus, although already left Krishna and Cora Rove, but Baines doubt on the strength of this duo. Subsequently Everton had a successful season, has become the main Baines England left-back, no wonder Manchester City will offer an olive branch to him, but to impress Everton agree to the deal, the transfer fee is definitely a astronomical. Manchester City beat Porto midfielder Fernando idea is not one or two days, the Blue Moon in preparation for the name of the versatile Brazilian offer £ 20 million. After aspirations Premiership title this season, Manchester City’s goal is to next season’s Champions League make a difference, so reinforcing the lineup is a must. After joining Porto in 2007, Fernando behalf of the team played 142 games in all competitions, step by step to grow as the team’s absolute main. Due to limited Manchester City this summer’s transfer fee allowed by UEFA, to raise the necessary funds transfer, Garcia, Tower. Milicic other players or cleaning. According to “The Sunday Mirror newspaper,” said the Manchester City midfielder James Milner this summer to seek a main location or leave Ittihad, many Premier League brainer, hoping to check in the name of energetic, tenacious style of the champion team members. Milner to Manchester City last season played in 29 games, but only 12 Premier League starts, in Pellegrini’s team, he flies are not happy, want to change the environment to start again .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League tottenham 201415 home jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Milner, now 28-year-old in 2015 and Manchester City’s contract expires, he will choose to make the final decision whether to leave after the World Cup in Brazil, including Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle, including The number of teams are very interested for Milner. (Facing Death) Related News: Liverpool FC Bayern football binary dig this summer to buy Warcraft II + new teammates denounced Barack Keane should roll together with Moyers recalls Vladimir Jazz and love each other · Recycling Champions Chelsea goalkeeper been confirmed British media : Cech go gunman?