Nasri losing his girlfriend freak XX XX French Deschamps you cook your feces

Nasri girlfriend cursed Deschamps May 14, the French national team coach Didier Deschamps Brazil World Cup campaign released a list of 23 People’s Congress, the results just to help get the Premier League champions Manchester City Nasri unsuccessful. Although I have long been a Nasri losing consciousness, but his girlfriend A Dana – Atta Nice exasperating explode on Twitter accusing France and Didier Deschamps. Due to the existence of contradictions and Deschamps, plus the 2012 European Cup had abused their reporters, so Nasri is regarded as the team’s instability. Before accepting CANAL + when interviewed, said Nasri already know that they can not enter the big list: “If this team effectiveness in Manchester, and a season to get two wins were not enough, it is very bad, but I did not . way this matter has been decided, I will be at home watching TV. “When he learned the news of his own formal unsuccessful, Nasri on Twitter, said:.” Thanks for the support everyone, and missed the World Cup, which is life, but the pain makes you stronger. “But his girlfriend 阿达娜 does not agree, she shelled said on Twitter:”.!! F *** France, F *** you’re the cook feces Deschamps’ Subsequently, the British model has sent a tweet: “If you do not fully understand what I mean, so let me repeat, F *** !!! F *** French Deschamps !!!” in France Announced later, a reporter questioned immediately Deschamps Nasri’s decision to abandon, which he explained:. “Nasri is very important in Manchester, because he is the first player, but in the French team, he is not” and Ada Na blamed the lack of respect Deschamps: “Let us be frank, I do not have straight crazy, we have been together for two months, and I just think this thing you have to have a minimum of respect!.” defeat for Nasri, Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini will also be surprised. Chilean engineers in the day to win the Premier League said: “The French coach has not announced the squad, but if Nasri is not selected, I could not believe it, because he is not only one of the best player in the Premier League, Manchester City are still important a. If he can not participate in the World Cup, it would be a huge mistake. “over the moo

nsoccer transfer news内容 The moon above the other 19 teams in the eyes look, “Blue Moon” finally boarded the summit of the Premier League, three grades two crown to Manchester City opened a new era of their own. Last night, the end of the Premier League this season, the final round of 10 games, “Blue Moon” 3-0 home defeat to West Ham United, won a fourth league title the club’s history. The final whistle, Manchester City Chongjinchangnei soldiers, the celebration of champagne and tears of happiness flowing together in the face. This morning, Sky Sports and other British media that created a lot of records this season, Manchester City deserved title, 56 goal difference also shows the “Blue Moon” is definitely the most fierce offensive firepower of the Premier League. Manchester city obtained three consecutive league title last season, the next few years, probably will replace the red blue and become the main colors here. Next, “Blue Moon” need to think about how to illuminate a European competition .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League west ham united home jerseys 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Text / reporter Zhangkun Long