Toure left the team announced conditions emulate Zidane retired after coaching Manchester

latest soccer newsYaya – Toure dispute with Manchester City sudden twists and turns! UK local time on Thursday, his agent Dimitri – Se Luke announced Ivorian midfielder can continue to stay in Manchester City, but the premise is a condition that must be met. Thursday morning to accept the “Sky Sports” interview, Sai Luke claimed if Toure to Manchester City can enter the coaching staff after retirement, or the duties and other sports director, then Ivorians will gladly stay. “Of course. It’s like the example of Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid when the players first, then later became the coach of Real Madrid,” Se Luke said, “Yaya is needed is the future of the club. We do not want To pay more, do not want to renew the contract, we just want to get more attention. Yaya must get more attention must be happy at the club, which is the main thing. I reiterate that our goal is not to be more money and more big contract. “You know, figure 雷刚刚 had finished his 31st birthday, and is in the peak of his career, and now intends to begin to do after retirement, it really be called a rainy day. But having said that, similar examples Zidane indeed staged in Manchester, for example, Patrick Vieira, France midfielder move to Manchester City in 2010 from Inter Milan, retired after a season, and then it has been at Manchester City’s youth department senior positions. In order to quell the incident as soon as possible, “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester City football director txiki in an interview before the World Cup and Toure, in order to reach a settlement .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League air max 90 fashionable flower uk 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. It is reported that txiki want to stay as long as possible to watch the World Cup in Brazil, because he was responsible for Manchester City’s transfer operation, but there are a lot of players are Manchester City’s goal on Brazil World Cup, such as France defender Mangala. However, “Daily Mail” said his priority now has to remain silent. Moreover, Toure and his agent in effect during Barcelona also staged a similar event, but txiki Camp Nou was being served, so have the relevant experience. (Bass)


Premier League title two years ending Manchester City Manchester Blue Moon rising

soccer transfer newsWith Nasri and captain Kompany scored on the second half, Manchester City in the Premier League on the eve of the war ending, the 2-0 defeat the West Ham, which beat Liverpool to two points advantage, the second time in three years clinch the Premiership trophy. Although strong attack Manchester City this year, unlike the previous year trophy as thrilling, dramatic, but the Premier League title this season, ups and downs of the war, from the beginning of the season champion Arsenal, Liverpool after half a meteoric rise, first place the situation is excellent, “Blue Moon” Legion whole season only 15 days to occupy the top spot, but with five straight sprint momentum, and come from behind, the last laugh. Manchester City Premier League windy greatest magic is strong attack first Premiership this season, Manchester City scored 102 goals, a record club record highs, only to Chelsea in the 2009-2010 season, the creation of the Premier League record 103 goals. Toure, Dzeko can be described as two major contributor to the team won the first prize, often injured due to Silva, Toure became Manchester City midfield engine, its core values ​​filling completely. Toure is not only good at organizing, and can break, scored 20 goals this season, not only among the first team, but also the highest in Europe, the first of five league midfielder, especially sprint champion, Toure repeatedly staged individual good break drama, called the City to achieve the summit’s final reversal Stand. Dzeko scored 16 goals this season, hit a new high since he joined Manchester City, especially the sprint against Everton, Aston Villa scored twice in a row to become the team’s key man. Manchester City defender although not as Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho, but is also regarded as a solid goalkeeper Hart, 后卫德米凯 Lisburn although once been questioned, but more stable performance, with Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany constitute . Hart, especially after going through a trough, the recovery state, and before a different person. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard Liverpool fatal turning point when accidentally slipped against Chelsea, Liverpool became the road this season, won the first prize of a fatal turning point, and ultimately failed to achieve the first Premier League title dream. In fact, there are many factors that Liverpool failed to have the last laugh, especially the defense, Liverpool lost this season, 50 goals in the top five teams in the Premier League, conceded the most goals conceded many of them, including Steven Gerrard lead slip goals conceded, are the errors caused Liverpool player, it does harm Liverpool, leading to fall short. While Liverpool lost the championship last season, suffered a lot of people laugh, but the re-emergence of Liverpool is the fact that they scored 101 goals this season, Suarez has not only become the Premier League’s top scorer, and was named player of the season title. Gerrard yesterday said he was confident before his retirement to achieve the dream of the Premier League title. After the worst of the season Manchester United Ferguson era of extremely disappointed people, and ultimately only ranked seventh, hit the “Red Devils” worst performance in the history of the Premier League, not only in the Champions League, European Cup qualification even did not get that this is Manchester United for 25 years missed the first European club competitions. Manchester United and Manchester United fans can be attributed to depressed and unable to extricate himself incompetent Moyes. For Manchester United, this was a very painful lesson, they pay a heavy price for the wrong coach. This will help Manchester United next season Xuanshuai more careful. In January of this year, Old Trafford fans had banners support Moyers, “is selected that one .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League air max 90 fashionable flower uk 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news..” March 29, Manchester United vs. Aston Villa fans to hire planes pull banners, protest Moyers: “the wrong choice, Moyers get out.” In the last 136 years of the history of Manchester United, the first time. As Ferguson’s successor, David Moyes at Manchester United to dump spent 289 days, at least 14 broke the record of shame, numerous scripts, comics blowing. In the locker room have suffered severe internal and external challenges Moyes, Manchester United is not the only reason for the fall, but under his leadership, this season, Manchester United fans to experience the type of spring collapse Arsenal, Liverpool ranked seventh style, Chelsea style fried and Manchester City coach-style farewell million.

Man City two players still carrying his girlfriend on vacation Nasri unsuccessful unabated interest

soccer transfer news“Daily Mail”: Nasri and Nani put each with his family to play Sri Sunnah will not go to the World Cup this summer, but it will not ruin his entire season. France coach Didier Deschamps did not choose Manchester City midfielder into his squad, which caused a lot of controversy, but also attracted Nasri girlfriend Ana La – Etaneisi anger Ataneisi push Laid cursed is bull feces France coach Deschamps even take legal measures to this end Ataneisi sued, but 26-year-old Frenchman has not affected the mood Deschamps’s decision, he took his girlfriend to the beach in Dubai the pleasure. “Daily Mail” reported crowned Premiership champions after Pellegrini shuttles flew with the team in Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansour’s home. Thursday is also the Al Ain team for a friendly match, because of the large internationals have returned to the national team preparing for the World Cup, Manchester City Nasri became the most dazzling array of stars a man. UAE local fans, but also specifically kissing a Nasri missed the World Cup. Meanwhile, Nani also with his family on vacation to relax, and Nasri is different, although Nani Manchester United this season, although the performance in general, but still was named to the list of 23-man Portugal. He took his fiancee Daniela – Martins and the latter’s children, “the family to relax your day” in the name out of play. In addition, the West Ham United striker Andy – Carroll also released a holiday in the Maldives with his girlfriend own photos .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Everton Home Jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news..

Manchester City Liverpool crown two years fall short of Manchester United for 18 years darkest.

soccer news uk2013 – 2014 Premier League season ended on Sunday in the Premier League this season, the emergence of numerous hot topic of concern. Mourinho’s return to the Premier League, Manchester United coaching pains Suarez scorer limelight, dramatic championship. Although a Premier League season ends on Sunday, but this season has brought memories are very fresh. The author of the topic the reporter 李斌英 Super League yesterday staged finale “Blue Moon” flash twice last laugh (Reporter Li Bin) yesterday completed the Premier League this season, the final round of the competition, beating Manchester City 2-0 West Ham the final 86 points to win the Premier League title this season, this is Manchester City’s second win in three years. Ranking the Premier League this season, the top four teams are Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Norwich, Fulham, Cardiff City relegated. This season’s Premier League title race suspense continued into the final round, Manchester City need only draw at home to West Ham would be sufficient to rely on goal difference to win the league title. Liverpool Manchester City will need to expect to lose, or in the case of a tie, the victory made 13 goal difference from the game against Newcastle. Manchester City did not give any chance to leave Liverpool, Blue Moon Gongshiruchao big advantage at home, in the game the first 39 minutes, Manchester City lead, Nasri to Manchester City’s world-wave long-range to break the deadlock. The first 49 minutes, Nasri issued corner, West Ham player siege not far, just kick the ball placement of Kompany fire break. 2-0 continuation to the end. Liverpool’s title hopes last night, it appears that little absent-minded, Marsh Patel own goal in the first half, leading to temporarily let Newcastle, Liverpool began to wake up in the second half, twice in two minutes Gerrard free kick assists, A Lattice and Sturridge were reversed scored to help Liverpool Newcastle, but eventually Liverpool only 84 points this season in the Premier League runner-up .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Newcastle home soccer shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Manchester momentum as the “red” Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard will fall short of the “dark horse” fell into the abyss of Manchester City and Liverpool in this season’s championship, becoming the season’s most worthy of discussion topics. Liverpool after a lapse of 24 years have the opportunity to touch the league title again, but can not think of bizarre reversal occurred at the last minute. This season’s Premier League title race situation is a bit complicated, the start of the season Arsenal triumph, has been stingy in the transfer market gunmen spared no expense to the introduction of Ozil, over a period of time become the focus of the Premier League, their performance is also true. Unfortunately fall again in the second half of Arsenal next season, once again become a “fight four spree.” This season’s Premier League title race has been between Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool started three teams will win the suspense until the final rounds of the league. Liverpool’s progress was quite dramatic, they had not been optimistic about the frequent scene of elegant aid, starting with the Crystal Palace in a 1-0 defeat at home to Chelsea, followed by “relegation spree” Sunderland shot twice in 4 March 17 2-2 draw with Manchester City 2, and in April 20 to 2 to 1 victory over Chelsea, with Liverpool in the focus of the war itself to 3 to 2 victory over Manchester City, this 24-year league title aspirations failed The team became the most dominant team win. Dramatic changes occur in April of last round – Chelsea’s game against Liverpool. This should be evenly matched in this game, Chelsea take the initiative a “swing coach” of defenses to counter the momentum is strong Liverpool, Chelsea should have said there is no chance at all, but when Gerrard’s ball in the backcourt a wrestling changed everything, Demba Ba scored a goal for Chelsea to take this opportunity. This goal led to Liverpool’s tactics was completely disrupted, they had to turn out in force at home caught the opportunity to fight back in the final moments of Chelsea, scored a goal from William. The so-called “house seemingly endless rain,” Liverpool after wrestling bad luck again and again, losing the championship may have the advantage of Liverpool and Manchester City Competition at the last moment to fight for the championship on goal difference, so they face in the first 37 league Crystal Palace When wantonly attack, eager body Laozu goal difference at the Crystal Palace. The result will be angered Crystal Palace, who helped Liverpool beat Chelsea’s “elegant” to force the game into three 3 level, the Liverpool into the abyss. Darling of Manchester City in the first 37 destroyed the Aston Villa defense, will fight for the title race advantage to his side. From the perspective of the overall performance of the season, Manchester City is indeed worthy of the Premiership champions, although they had committed some mistakes, but at the end of season sprint stage, Blue Moon strangling the throat of destiny. After 37 league, Manchester City have been gains 100 Premier League goals, this data should be even more than having a super striker Sturridge Suarez and Liverpool. Manchester City is outstanding on defense, goal difference in the first 37 is 13 more than Liverpool. Also in terms of stability, Manchester City made an equally good results. Anyway, Manchester City and Liverpool’s title in the process, Liverpool has always been not to be optimistic that support early in the season, the team appears to form the dark horse.

Toure to Manchester City suffered birthday bosses snubbed hint will leave Blue Moon

latest soccer newsWASHINGTON May 22, according to the BBC, Yaya Toure hinted he will leave Manchester City, he said do not know where the next season will be in effect. His agent Dmitry tournament Luke revealed that Toure is the reason why you want to leave because the club’s bosses did not respect him. Toure on May 13 celebrated his 31 birthday, when the club gave him a cake, and send blessings in microblogs. The day of the Abu Dhabi team celebrate winning the Premier League title, but the owner was there no one to shake hands with Toure sent congratulations. Toure talked about his future, said that everything is possible. When asked whether the other club, Toure back: “Yes, the thing in football you never guess .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man city jersey 16 aguero 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news..” In an interview with a company called Global beIN SPORTS ABC interview, said the Ivorian players : “Because I did well at Manchester City this season, everyone is talking about me, anything can happen.” “My agent Dmitri always on the phone, he knew what he to do, I great confidence in him. “” Tomorrow things I do not know, but my focus is on after the World Cup, the World Cup we have to say. “Toure last April contract with the club for four years, but since he said the club bosses do not respect his 31-year-old birthday after fate unknown. Sai Luke broker told BBC Sport, Toure is very frustrating, I am afraid to leave Manchester City. And most players start at the top microblogging denied the rumors, he said: “I did not say you do not believe in himself.” But then he released the message said: “Dmitri said is true, he is me speak. I’ll explain after the World Cup. “Toure from Barcelona in 2010 to join Manchester City has become an important member of the Blue Moon. His goals and leadership and help the club this season, won the League Cup and the Premier League champions. Ivory Coast in the World Cup Group C challenge Colombia, Greece and Japan.

City of Paris to heavy penalties UEFA fined 60 million + Champions League registration least 4.

UEFA official website screenshot May 17 morning, UEFA announced that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain for violating French financial fair policy (FFP), was fined 60 million euros of heavy fines, while the team was asked to lower wages, limit the maximum amount of a single transaction. In addition, the two teams in the Champions League next season, the registration number will be reduced to 21 to 25 people. According to “Financial fair competition” clause, to participate in the war in Europe over the past two seasons with the club can only reported losses 45 million euros. Manchester City’s deficit in 2012 reached 97.9 million pounds last year to 51.6 million pounds, which is far beyond the UEFA criteria. Enrollment in the Champions League Manchester City and Paris will be the original 25 who were forcibly reduced to 21 people. If the next evaluation period they can reach UEFA requirements, then the number of applicants in the Champions League will be back to 25 standards. In addition to Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, Zenit St Petersburg in Russia, Rubin Kazan and Anzhi; Turkey’s Galatasaray, Bursaspor, Trabzonspor and Bulgaria 索菲亚列夫 Sharansky, 7 clubs will also be punished

nsoccer news 2015 Platini defended the policy for financial fair May 17, UEFA financial fair policy violation Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain out huge fines, but did not deprive the Champions League qualification two clubs. After the ticket came out, the parties talking about some football chiefs think both teams should be eliminated in the Champions League seats. UEFA President Michel Platini recently in an interview with Sky Sports interview, as UEFA’s policy of defense. Breach of UEFA’s financial fair policy, deficit seriously exceeded the Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain was fined 60 million euros, while being required to reduce wages, the Champions League is also a large list of numbers from 25 to 21 people, but to keep the Champions League qualification . Platini believes UEFA introduced policies aimed at helping the club to better manage, rather than prohibit the team competition. “I am not the final say, but also my desire not to ban the club. I think if we make a mistake the team is suspended, fiscal policy is fair to let the club to get better, and not let them When in trouble. “Asked whether such punishment enough deterrent, Platini said that this is a very subjective judgment .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man united home kids jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. “I can say that is not enough, you can say enough, other experts can say anything else. Manchester City and Paris, fans may have been very happy, Manchester United and Everton fans might not think so made as to whether there is sufficient deterrent judgment is very subjective, and we must act in accordance with the rules and regulations, and understand our fundamental purpose. But I think that fiscal policy is fair and good for the development of football. “(Ai Road)