Manchester City 29 million strong exposure to dig Real Magic 100 000 weekly wing gunmen seized the.

latest soccer news“insight into the offside”: Manchester City, Real Madrid dug 29 million despite the Manchester City winger lineup is strong enough, but this summer, coach Manuel Pellegrini will continue to strengthen, “insight into the offside,” broke the news that Manchester City invested £ 29 million plan to poach Real Magic Wings Mary, there is news that the Argentine winger had to leave the possibility of other European top clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United would be very interested in him. 26 year old Mary landed in Europe in 2007 to join Benfica, the summer of 2010 to join Real Madrid, Mourinho coach at the time, has been the main force, joining three 137 appearances in all competitions last season, scoring 25 goals 48 assists times. This season, due to joining Bell, Mary marginalized position at Real Madrid, however, still played 50 games 11 goals 21 assists. The only difference with the previous few seasons is that an increase in off the bench this season, and the number of Dimaliya replaced in advance, according to statistics, the Argentine winger nine off the bench, was traded down as much as 26 times ahead, this rule Mourinho Under the Real Madrid, which is not the case data. British media “insight into the offside,” said Mary joined Al Ittihad if he will not worry about Manchester’s life, because there are quite a few of his teammates in the national team, such as Sergio Aguero, Martin Demichelis and Saba Lai Argentine striker tower. Lescott due to leave this summer, it is necessary to acquire a player of Manchester City in the guard position, the British media, “Daily Mail” said the coach Pellegrini Perez intentionally invested £ 12 million signing Burnett Tia. Burnett Tia 27 years old, Morocco striker, who played for Marseille, Toulouse, Lorient, Claremont and Udinese and other club last summer to join Rome. This season, Burnett Tia performed very well, in addition to hard on the defensive end, one of the best line of defense to help the Roman Apennines, also in the offensive end and scored five goals, the league runner-up in Rome and therefore achieved good results and return to the Champions League league. It is reported that, eyeing Tia Burnett is not a Premier League club Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea and other clubs are also eyeing Morocco striker, British media, “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini I donated 12 million pounds to get the possibility of this transaction is unlikely, estimate that it will continue to increase. Or the British media, “Daily Mail” message, said after Arsenal and Hull City’s FA Cup final, Manchester City will sign gunman main Sarnia. Sarnia aged 31 and Arsenal contract expires this summer, the two sides to renew negotiations broke down, the club can not meet the French left-back £ 100,000 weekly requirements, it is learned Manchester City meet Sarnia .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League soccer jersey 2010 world cup blue 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Sarnia debut in the French club Auxerre, in the summer of 2007 to join Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in men, has been the team’s main, close to 290 appearances in all competitions, due to Arsenal for many years without a crown, Sa Virginia has not been able to follow the gunman lift the trophy, these awkward after May 17, is expected to end. (Xix) Related News: Manchester City reject list France binary Scolari was troubled investigation · Inter Milan are interested in signing Sarnia Mazari is eligible primary Xisuoxier Support · Exposure Tottenham this summer ho purchased willing to put Angel Di Maria of Real Madrid to England

Manchester City 4-0 Aston Villa integration is expected to win over Liverpool

soccer news 2015May 8 morning, Manchester City victory over Aston Villa in the Premier League, with two-point advantage over Liverpool on board the championship. League left the last one, Manchester City just need to get a minute, we can get the Premier League title this season. Liverpool lost two days ago in the three-goal lead in the case of a good Board, was 3:3 draw with Crystal Palace, the hand three minutes into a 1 minute. When Suarez at Selhurst Park Stadium, shed tears at that moment, the Liverpool players probably already know, they lost the last hope, this season’s Premiership champions Manchester City in all likelihood going to belong. Sure, Manchester City did not let the fans down, after a dull first half, after “God Tower” Dzeko broke out in the second half of his two golden goal broke the Aston Villa metal matrix, 4-0 final victory over rivals Manchester City! Of course, in theory, the Premier League championship this season, there are still a hint of suspense, that is, is still unable to determine the City will win 100%, the suspense will undoubtedly stay until May 11 in the evening all cruised to the final round of Premier League after that. So, we have to analyze the situation under the last: there are still theoretically title hopes of the team only had two teams Manchester City and Liverpool, Manchester City accumulated 83 points to finish first, Liverpool with 81 points in second place, while in the margin on the ball, leading Liverpool Manchester City 13, so to say, the last round at home against West Ham Manchester City, just want to make the flat to get 1 point, you can get the Premier League title this season. Anyway, the Premier League Manchester City will create a new era. This season the three giants Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea have gone through a coaching change, even a change Arsenal also sell traditional core of players, spent heavily to sign Ozil, plus the sudden emergence of Liverpool, the Premiership this season pattern can use the “dazzling” to describe. Manchester City, with its strong financial strength, and soon back on track and lead the Premier League. La Liga champions Real Madrid almost farewell, Barcelona lived with Real Valladolid before the rescheduled race, Ancelotti said: “This is a crucial game, because we know that if we can not win, we League out of the game. “What are they afraid of what would come, Osorio in the game the first 86 minutes headed home to help Valladolid equalized three minutes Galacticos hand into a 1 minute. Now the league after 36 games, Real Madrid plot 84 points, only four points behind leaders Atletico from Ming Basa also have a second point gap. Two rounds left in the Spanish league, Real Madrid La Liga title is almost impossible to obtain, there is only theoretically possible to win. Spanish media, “Marca” play “Real Madrid bid farewell to the league, Barcelona lived! “The title, the Catalan media,” the daily sports newspaper “also played” Barcelona can decide their own destiny it! “In the title. Draw with Real Madrid, Barcelona has become the biggest beneficiary, they do not need to see the other teams face, red and blue army requires only two-game winning streak, they can be at home won the league championship. After a draw away to Real Madrid suffered a vice captain Ramos said: “We let a chance slip away only the final stage, we have done so much effort to make a mistake before, and now two games left, it seems. already is impossible to win. “Real Madrid title hopes are very slim, Real Madrid two games left, away to play Celta, Espanyol play at home, Real Madrid have won two straight, could have won, but also Atletico Madrid with Barcelona expect mistakes. If Real Madrid won two straight, Galacticos had hopes that the two-game losing streak or Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid 1 loss, but this is in Barcelona failed to get two wins under the premise, it is almost impossible to achieve thing. Finally, even if the outcome of Atletico Lianglian Ping, and on the relationship between the outcome, but also the ability to pressure Atletico Madrid .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League air max 90 fashionable flower uk 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Now the top three in La Liga, Atletico won the best hope, sheets Legion just need to get four points, we can win the league. If Atletico Lianglian Ping, points up to 90 points, even if Barca get a win a level of performance, still 89 points to 90 points lost to Atletico Madrid. Of course, there is hope Barcelona win, they just get two in a row, we can achieve reversal. In short, there are only Atletico Madrid La Liga with Barcelona in the title race, Real Madrid has been basically out of the game. Focus C Lo Real Madrid played only eight minutes against Valladolid, the game 8 minutes, Carlo Ancelotti replaced striker headed by Morata C Luo, C Luo departure expression is very painful. Slow motion replays showed the game the first two minutes, C Luo ball breakthrough at the time was the other hit a bit, apparently caused by a collision of a certain impact on C Lo. This is the period of C Ronaldo Real Madrid, for the first time in the first half was benched. Spanish media had previously reported, C Luo place to show their Ancelotti injured during training. Champions League final ten days left in the distance, obviously do not want Real Madrid C Lo injured. According to Spanish media reports, C Luo muscle fatigue, Ancelotti replaced the reason why he is to be safe. C Luo has been suffering from leg injury plagued, so he missed three weeks of the race, even with Barcelona did not participate in the King’s Cup final, first leg until the Champions League semi-final showdown with Bayern was back.

Manchester City Liverpool crown two years fall short of Manchester United for 18 years darkest.

soccer news 20152013 – 2014 Premier League season ended on Sunday in the Premier League this season, the emergence of numerous hot topic of concern. Mourinho’s return to the Premier League, Manchester United coaching pains Suarez scorer limelight, dramatic championship. Although a Premier League season ends on Sunday, but this season has brought memories are very fresh. The author of the topic the reporter 李斌英 Super League yesterday staged finale “Blue Moon” flash twice last laugh (Reporter Li Bin) yesterday completed the Premier League this season, the final round of the competition, beating Manchester City 2-0 West Ham the final 86 points to win the Premier League title this season, this is Manchester City’s second win in three years. Ranking the Premier League this season, the top four teams are Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Norwich, Fulham, Cardiff City relegated. This season’s Premier League title race suspense continued into the final round, Manchester City need only draw at home to West Ham would be sufficient to rely on goal difference to win the league title. Liverpool Manchester City will need to expect to lose, or in the case of a tie, the victory made 13 goal difference from the game against Newcastle. Manchester City did not give any chance to leave Liverpool, Blue Moon Gongshiruchao big advantage at home, in the game the first 39 minutes, Manchester City lead, Nasri to Manchester City’s world-wave long-range to break the deadlock. The first 49 minutes, Nasri issued corner, West Ham player siege not far, just kick the ball placement of Kompany fire break. 2-0 continuation to the end. Liverpool’s title hopes last night, it appears that little absent-minded, Marsh Patel own goal in the first half, leading to temporarily let Newcastle, Liverpool began to wake up in the second half, twice in two minutes Gerrard free kick assists, A Lattice and Sturridge were reversed scored to help Liverpool Newcastle, but eventually Liverpool only 84 points this season in the Premier League runner-up .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man city jersey 16 aguero 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Manchester momentum as the “red” Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard will fall short of the “dark horse” fell into the abyss of Manchester City and Liverpool in this season’s championship, becoming the season’s most worthy of discussion topics. Liverpool after a lapse of 24 years have the opportunity to touch the league title again, but can not think of bizarre reversal occurred at the last minute. This season’s Premier League title race situation is a bit complicated, the start of the season Arsenal triumph, has been stingy in the transfer market gunmen spared no expense to the introduction of Ozil, over a period of time become the focus of the Premier League, their performance is also true. Unfortunately fall again in the second half of Arsenal next season, once again become a “fight four spree.” This season’s Premier League title race has been between Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool started three teams will win the suspense until the final rounds of the league. Liverpool’s progress was quite dramatic, they had not been optimistic about the frequent scene of elegant aid, starting with the Crystal Palace in a 1-0 defeat at home to Chelsea, followed by “relegation spree” Sunderland shot twice in 4 March 17 2-2 draw with Manchester City 2, and in April 20 to 2 to 1 victory over Chelsea, with Liverpool in the focus of the war itself to 3 to 2 victory over Manchester City, this 24-year league title aspirations failed The team became the most dominant team win. Dramatic changes occur in April of last round – Chelsea’s game against Liverpool. This should be evenly matched in this game, Chelsea take the initiative a “swing coach” of defenses to counter the momentum is strong Liverpool, Chelsea should have said there is no chance at all, but when Gerrard’s ball in the backcourt a wrestling changed everything, Demba Ba scored a goal for Chelsea to take this opportunity. This goal led to Liverpool’s tactics was completely disrupted, they had to turn out in force at home caught the opportunity to fight back in the final moments of Chelsea, scored a goal from William. The so-called “house seemingly endless rain,” Liverpool after wrestling bad luck again and again, losing the championship may have the advantage of Liverpool and Manchester City Competition at the last moment to fight for the championship on goal difference, so they face in the first 37 league Crystal Palace When wantonly attack, eager body Laozu goal difference at the Crystal Palace. The result will be angered Crystal Palace, who helped Liverpool beat Chelsea’s “elegant” to force the game into three 3 level, the Liverpool into the abyss. Darling of Manchester City in the first 37 destroyed the Aston Villa defense, will fight for the title race advantage to his side. From the perspective of the overall performance of the season, Manchester City is indeed worthy of the Premiership champions, although they had committed some mistakes, but at the end of season sprint stage, Blue Moon strangling the throat of destiny. After 37 league, Manchester City have been gains 100 Premier League goals, this data should be even more than having a super striker Sturridge Suarez and Liverpool. Manchester City is outstanding on defense, goal difference in the first 37 is 13 more than Liverpool. Also in terms of stability, Manchester City made an equally good results. Anyway, Manchester City and Liverpool’s title in the process, Liverpool has always been not to be optimistic that support early in the season, the team appears to form the dark horse.

Cry! Small Toure injured hospitalized leave the World Cup without problems

latest soccer newsMay 24, British media BBC news, Ivorian star Yaya Toure mysterious illness due to leave, flew to Qatar for treatment, according to this media say, Manchester City players will observe a period of time in the hospital; currently Yaya Toure has not yet confirmed what kind of illness, but the Ivorian Football Association believes the injury is not serious, he will fly directly to the US training base and join the team next Thursday. Ivory Coast preparing for the World Cup in Brazil move into the 28 players total, and the remaining 27 players will be training in the United States, Brazil World Cup final sprint, also screened for the final 23-man squad. About Yaya Toure’s injury, Doha, Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital for confirmation, the degree of injury as “minor injuries.” In fact, last season Yaya Toure has been struggling with injuries, especially in the closing stages of the sprint white-hot stage, Yaya Toure described as kick-go, in late April to mid-April, he rested 10 days, missed two games, in the case of injury has not healed, coach Manuel Pellegrini bite in order to ensure Liverpool Manchester City, Yaya Toure will be fielded with the result that the Ivorian superstar playing a game that is dissatisfied was replaced, fortunately, Yaya Toure has been maintained in good condition, and ultimately help reverse the Liverpool Manchester City win .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man utd away shirts 10 rooney 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. Unfortunately, Yaya Toure playing hurt for a long time, in the final round against West Ham in the Premier League, Yaya Toure has been replaced in advance again strained hamstring. Despite the Ivorian national team has not yet official and public hospital in Doha, Qatar 布亚亚图雷 the specific injury, but no accident, then, should be concerned with a hamstring strain. British media BBC news, Ivorian Yaya Toure country are concerned about the injury, after last season he played very well, 49 games in all competitions and scored 24 goals 12 assists, including 20 Premier League goals months, as a midfielder, comparable data center, top scorer in the Premier League, behind Suarez and Sturridge, Manchester City the most goals in the league players. It should be noted that the recent Yaya Toure not better, very unhappy, because the birthday club and Manchester City teammate neglected, think of killing themselves. There is no doubt, move into a quagmire and injuries Yaya Toure, must quickly adjust themselves, after all, the World Cup is in sight, according to the arrangement of Côte d’Ivoire, May 30 will play a warm-up match with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in June and El Salvador and then blows on the 4th, two days after the team arrived in Brazil Côte d’Ivoire. (Small prop)

top 25 easy to master Liverpool Manchester City last laugh regret fall short

latest soccer newsThe entire England are optimistic about Manchester City win, but Mister Rogers believe a miracle – Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen eventually. Drama ended, a season of hustle silent. Ultimately, there is no tampering winning screenplay. Premiership belong blue – at the end of yesterday morning’s final round of Premier League tournament, West Ham failed to check Manchester City, Blue Moon in Al Ittihad Stadium 2-0 win hammer happy to help, to do so boarded Premiership champion; Rogers and his Liverpool home win over the Magpies, although, honestly, but only stayed on the second place. Manchester City deserved to win this season, is considered to be the most chaotic situation in the Premier League title race in history, the most exciting title race suspense of a season, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and other teams have to occupy the top spot, but in the end Manchester City but in the final round win win .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Everton Home Jersey 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. They are also in a single season in the Premier 102 Premier League goals scored in a single season in the history of the second multi-team, second only to Chelsea in 2010. For the last end of the story, Manchester City captain Kompany am pleased to note: “This year we have an easier way to win the championship, fortunately, we can do so, of course, next season we have a far higher goal, even though we ran into. Champions and disappointments, but I always told myself, do not kneel down, do not bury your head in your hands. heads held high, to attack again. “attack 102 goals, ferocious offensive line 38 bombers into the 102 league goals , averaging 2.68 goals fetched, Manchester City attack this season, second only to the 2009-10 season, Chelsea hit a record 103 goals. Compared Ancelotti Chelsea when under the rule of the last two seasons in a row at home rout of rival before the goals “brush” over a hundred, Manchester City before the final round has scored 100 goals, which shows the attack distribution is more balanced. Manchester City have made against the Premier League goal of the season when 17 teams, including Tottenham, Fulham and Arsenal London these three teams suffered trauma from the “Blue Moon” the biggest, two rounds were offensive showdown the 11-ball, 9 ball and seven goals; and rivals, defending champion Manchester United is likewise conceded seven times. In contrast, only Manchester City scored a ball over Chelsea and Stoke City, has been considered made “the best results.” Points 2 points behind the war stalemate final runner-up in the standings ahead of Liverpool two points, from a digital point of view, Manchester City this season compared to the 2011-12 championship season virtue of goal difference to be easier to beat Manchester United to win, but to see No. 3 Chelsea only four points behind Manchester City, the club has three points at 82 points or more, which shows this season, “the three teams to kill” stalemate situation. Nearly five seasons, the Premier League this season has not been the same as before the last two games, there are three teams left title hopes. Manchester United ahead of runner-up last season, Manchester City full 11 Points; 2011-12 Champions Manchester clubs will continue until the last minute of suspense, but nearly 20 points behind Arsenal’s lead, indicating that early into the championship. ” Manchester Premier League, “the rhythm. When Manchester United and Chelsea respectively, and then forward the Premiership aspirations, are also laid the foundation for an early win. Ranking the top 14 days, tough leader saying goes, “is not afraid of a good meal late,” after last week’s victory over Aston Villa rescheduling, only to return to Manchester City top of the standings. Because of the schedule to play three fewer games, Manchester City was ranked ranked No. 4 behind Arsenal. In the case of Arsenal and Liverpool each almost half of the season to lead the league, “Blue Moon” also shows the team came from behind to toughness. According to statistics, before the final round of the competition, Manchester City this season, leading the league alone for only 14 days, which occupy the top spot a total of only five games. In stark contrast, the final ranked No. 4 in the arsenal there are nearly 20 experienced leader. As Chaser team mentality a little slack may cause further widening the gap, even efforts of the entire season destroyed. Eventually be able to withstand the pressure leapt to the top, it can be said the last time Manchester United win six recovered eight points of history, to Manchester City in the blood into the indomitable spirit. The first one of the season coach, Manuel Pellegrini’s still a long way last summer due to a lot of teams have a coaching change, since the start of the Premier League this season, beginning to fall into a scuffle, although the defending champions Manchester United out of the championship early, but released at the time of the second half to win the rhetoric there forty-five club. In this situation, led the first season champions of Chileans although Pellegrini is “Luanzhongqusheng”, but also shows his coaching philosophy will be able to quickly integrate into existing resources to . Prior to wear handsome, only Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti done for the season to clinch the Premiership title feat, and led the first two seasons can be champions, and so far only one person Mourinho. With the league intermittent reinforcement lineup Liverpool, Chelsea completed the run, plus it can not continue to be willing to sink Manchester United, Premier League next season, the competition is likely to be more confusing. Will become “common knowledge” of how to face Manchester City defending pressure, perhaps the test Pellegrini and his team fineness of the time. Instead, the lead time is short because the opponents to take the title, “seek death,” the Manchester City after winning chant laughing: There pigs as competitors, nice! – After ending the Premiership, that someone so quipped.

Dance Beat troubled Premiership top 38 turnover 25 times the largest in history

soccer news 20152013/2014 Premier League season ended yesterday morning, this is a very special season, will its special identity and status were contained in the above history. If you use one word to summarize it, it is “chaos.” Decline in the United occasion, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal overtake each other, interlocking, so that lasted nine months champion staged drama to the final round, the final three years of $ Manchester City twice picked the last laugh. 38 Premier League leaders changed 25 times, a record of the most, so many teams will battle for the title is so vigorous interpretation in Premier League history is the first time. Phenomenon firepower to determine the winner of the Premier League Manchester City 156 balls although most single-season riding on the draw can win, but Pellegrini did not neglect to make removal of the main, even groin injury comeback Aguero also debut, this one is to win, and secondly to take into account another gimmick — Chelsea, Manchester City can break the record in the 2009-10 season record of 103 goals. Final Nasri and Kompany’s goal for Manchester City this season, goals fixed in 102, Manchester City with a record pass, but this does not hide the fact that the collective firepower blowout blue moon, they four fronts this season 156 Premier League goals scored in a single season scoring record high, which is won the double (League Cup before harvest) is the fundamental guarantee of Manchester City this season. In fact the last decade, the extent of the fire has become the industry consensus decision Premiership title from Henry led Arsenal to Manchester City Mancini period all that, this season, Liverpool long served as the protagonist of the title race, but also thanks to the gift of firepower ( 38 Battle scored 101 goals), but also to England’s top league for the first time in 54 years the two teams over a hundred grand appearance. Recalling the double blue double red contend thought mess ups and downs in the process, never thought such a mess, the history of the Premier League for 21 years frequently staged two Triwizard (Manchester United and Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea later), even if there is a third party participation, champion category is also inseparable from Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City (formerly Liverpool) three, but this season, double red double blue (Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal) four teams consistent champion of suspense, it is rare! How the data may reflect a fierce this season, a total of 25 times Premier League top easy to master, which occupy the top champions Manchester City only 15 days, the fourth Arsenal have actually become a leader in 128 days long the most, only a thin between three 4 minutes, 22 years there have been only three times. From the time the node point of view, there are three differences between the title race drama, One Year After the half, the gap between the semi-finals little wound up Everton 1 point behind Liverpool also placing him fifth. And until February and March cruised Arsenal lineup thin short board recurrence in a multi-line combat stress, resulting into the semi-finals three British war fighting. The last time both sprint endurance test also spell luck, because Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, Chelsea lost to a well-known failures, Chelsea because of double negative drag on even the underdog, taking advantage of Manchester City came from behind in one fell swoop aspirations. Observe the new red and blue double-blue battle for hegemony OR Premiership so chaotic, largely Baifugesen also closed down, thanks to one of the Premier League title, “Standing” Manchester United this season, severe landslides, and finally harvest the worst in team history Premiership ranked 7th, the absence of war in Europe for the first time in 20 years, the industry believes that the era of vacuum after Ferguson Premier League into the troubled times. Manchester City twice whirl yuan three years, Pellegrini harvest years in Europe’s first league title, this is the first time in the history of the Premier League by the South American coach led the team to win. Of course, just wear handsome road, leaving his future is bright. Tactical decent, well-running the army did not say, oil black gold continued transfusion, Champions League experience gained, but also to the original club CEO Soriano “crown five years,” the grand blueprint huge capital accumulation. Manchester City model also attracted other teams into intensified, and in a sustained extent can be compared only to Chelsea. British media analysts pointed out that the next three to five years will be immersed in the Premier League Manchester City and Chelsea, “Blues” at home. Furthermore Liverpool revival should not be underestimated, the team’s first 24 years after a thin crown only one step away, the Reds will be in the Champions League campaign next season, it is also pointed out that the future of the view was the main theme of the Premier League Manchester City and Liverpool will become the “new red and blue war nor power overnight. “As the old red and blue war hero another Manchester United next season, they are bound to single combat of the full impact of the league, but the team’s competitiveness and deterrence and the Ferguson era is not yet in the same breath, recover . .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League man city jersey 16 aguero 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.

Manchester City officials announced shares of Japanese powerhouse Guangzhou Hengda beware!

latest soccer newsUK local time on May 20, Manchester City officials announced shares the Japanese J League team Yokohama F Marinos, which is the Premier Division title for the first time the new Japanese investment team, but also after New York and Melbourne FC ambition, Blue Moon in its global expansion strategy The third branch of foreign club under investment. According to the “Daily Mail” revealed that Manchester City Yokohama Marinos overwhelmed purchased less than 20% of the shares. Soriano Club CEO, said: “to invest and build Yokohama We are honored to help Manchester City family made all clubs in football development, marketing, media, and business we can be proud.” Jia Yue name Yokohama Marinos President said: “This partnership is the development of the club a unique opportunity not only to help improve the investment and investment in youth sports, but also to attract more investors, thus increasing the strength of the Japanese national team over the past four years we have been sweeping reforms, the goal is to become Japan’s top club, and now we will walk together in Asia and the world stage with Manchester City. “Yokohama is Japan’s powerhouse, since 1982 it has been Japan’s top league grappling, never downgrade. 1991, Yokohama became a founding member of the J-League. Up to now, the team win the league title won five times in Japan, which is three times in the J League era, winning the most recent was in 2004 .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League Newcastle home soccer shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site:! Well,let’s continue talking about england football news.. The current club captain is a famous Japanese star Shunsuke Nakamura. It is worth mentioning that, with Manchester City’s shares, Yokohama will drastically enhance economic strength. In addition, both the exchange and training of the players also reached a series of agreements, the overall strength of the mean Yokohama Marinos will be raised. Melbourne, Australia over the team along with ambition, these two teams Manchester City shares may become represented in Guangzhou Hengda Super Club, the main competitor in the future of the AFC. (Bass)